FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Into Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Reports

The FBI opened a criminal investigation into the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse that claimed the lives of six men.

WEF Calls for Censorship of ‘Negativity’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) called for governments to censor "negativity" in online spaces.

‘Disinformation’ Specialist Tells Voters to Refrain from ‘Doing Your Own Research’

Beth Schwanke, Executive Director of the Pitt Disinformation Lab, said during a Pennsylvania panel discussion that voters should rely on "trusted sources" for information, according to a report from The Federalist.

Biden Denies Replacing Easter with ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

President Joe Biden denied signing the transgender proclamation on Easter Sunday.

American Medical Association President Calls for Censorship of ‘Vaccine Misinformation’

In a recent blog post, American Medical Association (AMA) President Jesse Ehrenfeld called for greater censorship over "vaccine misinformation."

New York City Gives Migrants Prepaid Debit Cards

The Biden administration is using taxpayer-funded comic books to fight against alleged "disinformation" ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Trust in Biden Administration Questioned by Laura Ingraham After Bridge Disaster

Fox News host Laura Ingraham discussed the erosion of public trust in the aftermath of the Baltimore bridge collapse on "The Ingraham Angle." Reflecting on...

Missouri AG Sues Censorship Group Media Matters

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit against censorship organization Media Matters, alleging it has engaged in fraudulent business practices.

Federal Agencies Provide Banks Tools to Flag Americans Buying Guns or Bibles

Federal agencies reportedly gave banks automated tools to flag as possible domestic terrorists any Americans who buy Bibles or support the enforcement of protecting the border, testimony revealed before a House committee.

Texas Democrat Says Christian Nationalism is a ‘Betrayal of Jesus’

Texas state lawmaker James Talarico (D) accused Christian nationalists of betraying Jesus.

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