World Economic Forum Founder Praises China’s CCP

Klaus Schwab calls China a “role model.”

  • The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Klaus Schwab is continuing to put his stamp of approval on Communist China.
  • The WEF founder said China could soon serve as a “role model” for other countries working to make a “systemic transformation of the world.”
  • Schwab made his comments during an interview with the Chinese state-run media network CGTN, where he praised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its officials.
  • The “Great Reset” architect appeared to be praising China’s movement toward a governmental system similar to the WEF’s plan for a Great Reset of the capitalistic economy.
  • The WEF has for a long time promoted its Global Future Council on China project, which promoted the eastern nation, maintaining that China is “taking an increasingly active role in reshaping the international system of climate change, digital transformation and economic development while simultaneously grappling with the local implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Facing the deteriorating geopolitical and geo-economic environment following the COVID-19 crisis, the Global Future Council on China will explore emerging models of Chinese leadership adapted to a new norm of globalization,” according to the WEF website.
  • “It will make recommendations for building trust between China and the rest of the world – based on mutual respect and shared interest – in pursuing strategic cooperation in areas such as climate change, health research and sustainable technologies. The council will illustrate how business leaders both inside and outside China can navigate this changing landscape to bring an entrepreneurial approach to solving global challenges.”
  • In the summer of last year, reports surfaced that Schwab was predicting change in China and that they would play a part in the changes proposed by the WEF.
  • Beginning in 1978, Schwab has reportedly worked to create “cooperation” between the WEF and China and has reportedly “witnessed China’s journey of reform and opening-up” and maintaining “good cooperation with China.”
  • Schwab did not address China’s human rights violations and crimes against humanity, namely the country’s treatment of the Uyghur people.