Microsoft Admits it Pays White Employees Less than Minorities

Microsoft acknowledged in a diversity report that it pays white employees less than minority employees.

Residents Alarmed as Smugglers Navigate Open Northern Border

Human smuggling cartels have established sophisticated operations to bring migrants into the United States through the open border with Canada, as per a recent...

Over Half of Black Americans Support Affirmative Action Ban

A new Gallup poll found that 52% of black Americans support the U.S. Supreme Court's ban on affirmative action.

Army Sees Decrease in White Recruits

Military.com published a report examining the decline in white Army recruits over the last several years.

Baking Company Hosts Competition Excluding White Participants

A Vermont-based baking company is facing criticism for hosting a competition that excluded white contestants from participating, in an attempt to “foster greater inclusivity.”

Hispanic Voters Abandon Biden, Choose Trump

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that Donald Trump leads Hispanic and young voters by five points, 39% to 34% percent.

Illinois High School Segregates Classes for Black, Hispanic Students

A high school in Evanston, Illinois, is offering segregated classes for black and Hispanic students.

Poll Finds Trump Maintains Lead Over Biden

A poll from Emerson College Polling found that Donald Trump leads by four points over President Joe Biden.

California Launches ‘Ebony Alerts’ for Minority Youth

The state of California is launching "Ebony Alerts" for black minority youths.

Fewer Than 20% of Americans Take COVID-19 Booster: Peer-Reviewed Journal ‘Vaccine’

Those declining the booster cite prior natural SARS-CoV-2 infection, as well as concern regarding side effects, safety, and efficacy.

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