Texas Mayor Blames Biden For Border Crisis

Eagle Pass, Texas Mayor Rolando Salinas blamed President Joe Biden for the influx of illegal immigrants flooding the United States border.

Texas Governor Declares Border ‘Invasion’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) declared the crisis at the southern border an "invasion."

American Journalist Imprisoned in Ukraine as Biden Asks for $Billions More to Protect Ukrainian ‘Freedom’

American citizen journalist Gonzalo Lira is currently in a Ukrainian prison cell as the United States government debates sending more money to the struggling country.

European Memo Contradicts Biden’s Reason for Pressuring Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor Shokin

The EU report highlighted Ukraine's achievements, notably under Shokin’s leadership, in countering corruption, organized crime, and human trafficking.

Biden Admin Sells Off Border Wall Materials

Square steel tubes were made available for purchase on web-based auction platform.

245,286 Illegal Migrant Encounters in July Alone, Bringing Biden’s 30-Month Total to 8.6 Million: CBP Data

“Despite the happy talk coming out of the Biden administration, claiming that their policies have reduced illegal immigration, the July Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data show precisely the opposite."

Leaked Documents Reveal Hunter Biden’s Involvement in Trump Impeachment Over Ukraine

Recently leaked documents reveal Hunter Biden was involved in former President Donald Trump's impeachment over Ukraine.

Illinois Assault Weapons Ban Upheld in State Supreme Court

The Illinois Supreme Court upheld the state's assault weapons ban.

Nuclear Power Cleanest Energy Source, Helps Biden Emission Goals

Nuclear power has now become the cleanest source of energy.

Massachusetts Governor Declares State of Emergency After Migrant Surge Overwhelms System

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) declared a state of emergency after a migrant surge overwhelmed social services.

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