California Governor Gavin Newsom Buys Ad Space in Florida Raising 2024 Presidential Election Speculation

Campaign says Americans should “stay tuned” to find out why.

  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom has reportedly bought ad space in Florida’s cable market.
  • The governor’s ads, purchased by his re-election campaign, will begin airing on Monday, July 4, in the Sunshine State.
  • The content of the ads is as yet unknown, but reports indicate that he purchased about $105,000 worth of cable TV time.
  • Questions about whether he is planning a national run have surfaced, and when questioned a spokesperson for the campaign responded that Americans should “stay tuned.”
  • Newsom has notably escalated his national rhetoric in the past month, including in an interview with The Atlantic, where he addressed the national Democratic Party and conservative legislation on abortion and LGBT rights.
  • Fox News California Capitol Reporter Ashley Zavala commented on the Newsom campaign’s curious purchase saying, “The Governor who said he has ‘subzero interest’ in running for President will reportedly air ads in a state …checks notes … 2,700 miles away from his own.”
  • Conservatives have started warning Americans that the Golden State’s governor might have his eyes on the White House, with Red State’s Jennifer Oliver O’Connell saying, “If you had any doubt about that, consider which state he focuses on the most, while ignoring his own. Yeah, you guessed it: Florida, along with Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis.”
  • Newsom previously announced that he was joining former President Donald Trump’s social media network, Truth Social, with the stated goal of “calling out Republican lies,” and began taking shots at conservative politicians, particularly Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.
  • Recent policy decisions in California also seem to have been made with the idea of gaining national attention in mind, including the governor’s signature on a bill to protect those traveling from other states to obtain an abortion.
  • Newsom introduced a bill last year that would allow private citizens to sue gun manufacturers, which is modeled after Texas’ controversial abortion law.