150 People Expelled From FL Church After Trying to Vote Out Leadership

One hundred fifty official members have been expelled from a conflict-ridden congregation in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Leaders of First Baptist Church (FBC), led by Pastor James Welch, recently terminated the membership of a “discontented” and “disaffected minority” who had rebelled against leaders.

Doctor mocks vaccine skeptics, then DIES after covid vaccine, as media scrubs wrongful death case

A 48-year-old Ohio doctor unexpectedly died on April 27, 2021. There was no official story on the cause of his death, only a satirical obituary that was written in the first person.

Traders scramble to buy gasoline from Europe after US pipeline outage

Commodity traders have booked at least six tankers – provisionally – to start shipping gasoline from Europe to the US in the wake of the outage of the Colonial Pipeline network, Reuters reports, citing data from Refinitiv.

The Undeniable Irregularity That May Have Cost Trump the Election

The liberal media loudly proclaim that reports of 2020 presidential election irregularities are “lies.” But about one particular irregularity the media are mum.

Starbucks considering leaving Facebook over hateful comments

Coffee chain is reported to be considering leaving the platform over comments left on posts about social justice issues

Terrifying New Way Biden Could Squash Conservative Narratives

The Department of Homeland Security is launching a strategy to gather and analyze data from social media posts to predict and prevent the next Jan. 6.

Tucker Carlson Calls For Investigation Into Fauci Wuhan Lab Connection

“Why isn’t there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci’s role in this pandemic?”

Chinese Military Scientists Discussed Man-Made Coronavirus Attack Years Before COVID-19 Pandemic

Chinese military scientists in 2015 detailed a plot to unleash a bioengineered SARS coronavirus to cause mass terror and advance the communist regime’s global political ambitions.

China’s greenhouse gas emissions exceed every developed nation combined

China produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other developed nation in the world combined, according to new data.

One Mosque Built, One Christian Monument Destroyed Every Two Weeks In Modern France

A French expert on France’s religious heritage is sounding the alarm that “one mosque is erected every 15 days in France, while one Christian building [church or monument] is destroyed at the same pace.”

Killing Comedy

Trump could have ‘groundbreaking’ legal theory against Facebook

Twisted Theology Is Protecting a Man Who Enjoys the Torture of Children, Says Rachael Denhollander

The alleged crimes of Josh Duggar, who was just released on bail pending trial, are unspeakable. But what makes his story even more appalling, says victims advocate Rachael Denhollander, is the theology that is cushioning Duggar from the cost of those crimes.

Has The Mainstream Media Finally Turned Against Bill Gates?

Not long after we pointed out a report from the Daily Beast which traced the tensions in the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates to Bill's relationship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Wall Street Journal has followed up with more reporting that confirms that Melinda Gates started consulting divorce attorneys as far back as 2019, before the pandemic thrust her husband back into the global spotlight as the world's de facto vaccine czar.

Fauci and the NIH caught funding China’s covid bioweapons research

In today’s Situation Update podcast, we cover the bombshell news that communist China’s militarized bioweapons industry was funded by the NIH under the control of Dr. Fauci.

Colonial Says Pipeline Segments Being “Brought Back Online”, Goal Is For Service To Be “Substantially Restored” By End Of Week

With fears growing that the Colonial shutdown could last for much longer than initially expected, with some analysts warning that a 5-day shutdown could lead to sharply higher prices, and the Biden admin activating a state of emergency to make sure that critical gasoline supplies continue to flow up the eastern seaboard, moments ago Colonial Pipeline issued an update on its attempts to restore operations, saying that "segments of our pipeline are being brought back online in a stepwise fashion" and that the goal now is to "substantially" restore operational service by the end of the week.

Covid Authoritarians Abuse Children

Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has “recommended” that children wear masks while playing. Her offered reason is to ensure Covid is not spread by “heavy breathing” of children near each other while around a soccer ball.

Trevor Noah: ‘Why Are People Who Get the Vaccine Still Being Made to Wear Masks?’

Leftist comedian didn’t get the “new normal” memo.

Ohio GOP calls on Rep. Anthony Gonzalez to resign for voting to impeach Trump

The leadership of the Ohio Republican Party has censured Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio) and is calling for him to resign from Congress for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump.

‘It’s Pathetic’: NYC Veterans Furious At De Blasio For Blocking Memorial Day Parade After Permitting Cannabis Parade

A group of New York City veterans are furious at Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for blocking a permit for Staten Island’s 102nd annual Memorial Day parade, despite allowing demonstrators to march in the Cannabis Parade on May 1.

Trump Allies Join Forces to Fight for ‘America First’ Agenda

Brooke Rollins spent three years working for President Donald Trump in high-profile White House roles at the Office of American Innovation and the Domestic Policy Council. Now, she leads a new group of Trump administration alumni to defend the former president’s policy accomplishments and prepare for the future.

COVID Vaccine Deaths: The Numbers Point to a Catastrophe

"In the last 4 months alone, VAERS has received over 40% of all death reports it has ever received in its entire 30+year history."

The April Jobs Numbers Were So Bad That CNBC’s Steve Liesman Thought It Was A Typo

Many commentators were surprised by the disappointing April jobs numbers but none more so than CNBC’s Steve Liesman, who had to do a double-take while reading them during a Friday Morning segment of Squawk Box.

Trump: Stefanik ‘Has Experience Flipping Districts Blue to Red’

The House GOP Conference needs someone with "experience flipping districts blue to red," former President Donald Trump said Monday, hailing Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., as the replacement chair for "warmonger" Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo.

Maricopa County Elections Witness Testifies that Dominion Ran Entire Election, Observers NEVER HAD Access

Back on November 30, 2020, Maricopa County elections witness Jan Bryant testified before the Arizona legislature.

Bidens Aggressively Dodged More Than $500,000 in Taxes Before Joe Demanded Americans Pay Their ‘Fair Share’

Back when he was just the then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s running mate, President Joe Biden told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that the plan was “to take money and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people.”

Preacher Arrested for ‘Inciting’ People to Attend Church

Police in Calgary, Alberta, used newly given powers on Saturday to arrest two street preachers who did not require anyone to wear masks to attend their services.

STUDY: Pfizer vaccine causes catastrophic damage to every system of your body

An Israeli organization made up of health experts has published a report outlining how the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection from Pfizer causes damage to nearly every system in the human body.

Reported cyberattack on major US pipeline sends oil & gasoline prices higher

Crude and fuel price rose on Monday as one of the largest fuel pipeline systems in the US remained largely shut down after a reported cyberattack. The US has declared a state of emergency in 17 states due to the situation.

Religious Oppression on the March Worldwide

Regimes everywhere are seeking scapegoats ... and finding them.

POLL: 91.7% Of Texans Say Child Sex Changes Should Be Illegal, But Abbott, Phelan, And Burrows Are Stalling Bill To Ban Them

An overwhelming majority of Texans want gender bending surgeries made illegal for minors, yet Abbott, Phelan, and Burrows refuse to act.

US Census Bureau Confirms Huge Conflict in Total Number of Voters in 2020 Election

Just when you thought there was a limit to the scope of the hostile takeover of our government and pillars of our society … this happens.

BIG NEWS: Peer Reviewed Study Demonstrates Efficacy of Ivermectin in Prophylactis and Treatment of COVID — And It Won’t Kill You!

A peer-reviewed study found that ivermectin can end the COVID pandemic. The medicine was found to “significantly reduces the risk of contracting the deadly respiratory disease when used regularly.”

Biden Admin Restores Transgender Health Protections, Reversing Trump

The U.S. will protect gay and transgender people against sex discrimination in healthcare, the Biden administration announced Monday, reversing a Trump-era policy that sought to narrow the scope of legal rights in sensitive situations involving medical care.

CIA Releases New Woke Recruitment Video After Previous Ads Mocked

The CIA is plowing ahead with its series of new recruitment ads aimed at millennials, releasing a new video ad last week despite the scoffs and criticism with which the previous installments were met.

Fat Activist, Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday Comes Out As Anorexic

Plus-size model and fat activist Tess Holliday revealed last week that she has anorexia and is in recovery.

Texas House Passes GOP-Backed Election Integrity Bill

The Texas state House on Friday passed a GOP-backed election overhaul bill that would add new penalties and rules, becoming the latest state Republican-led legislative body to pass similar legislation in recent days.

Next White House Press Secretary Likely to Be LGBT

The surprise statement Thursday by Jen Psaki that she would most likely step down as White House press secretary early next year has sparked speculation over who would succeed her behind the most famous lectern in the world.

Jen Psaki admits Biden is told to avoid answering impromptu questions from reporters

White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted on Thursday that the Biden team tells President Joe Biden to avoid answering impromptu questions from reporters.

Facebook should not have the power to ban Donald Trump says … Elizabeth Warren

The Facebook oversight board's ruling this week upholding the social media platform's decision to kick President Donald Trump off his Facebook and Instagram accounts elicited cheers from anti-Trump voices across the U.S. — especially the former president's left-wing critics.

China’s Emissions Exceeded Those Of All Other Developed Nations Combined

A new report released late week found that communist China’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 were higher than the rest of the developed world combined.

Former NFL player says bringing God into schools is the only way to solve racism, economic division

Former NFL player Jack Brewer says that God needs to get back in the classroom in order to solve racial and economic divisions in the United States.

Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan Revisit Their Viral Gun Control Debate

Why France is losing one religious building every two weeks

(CNA) One religious building is disappearing in France every two weeks.

Milton Friedman Speaks – Is Capitalism Humane?

Ron DeSantis is SAVAGING the Left Even More Than You Think

Facebook Oversight Board Criticizes Indefinite Trump Suspension

A member of Facebook’s Oversight Board criticized Facebook’s move to indefinitely suspend President Donald Trump’s account, saying the company’s rules are problematic.

CDC Changes Rules for Counting Breakthrough Cases, as More Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will report only those breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalization or death. The agency also lowered the testing threshold, but only for the fully vaccinated.

Canadian pastor who kicked ‘Gestapo cops’ out of his church arrested for organizing an ‘illegal gathering’

A pastor who became an internet sensation after chasing Canadian authorities out of his church has been detained for violating Covid-19 restrictions. Footage of the dramatic arrest was posted on his YouTube channel.

US inflation numbers are understated, could be up to 20%

Soaring commodity and house prices are further proof that inflation is here to stay and it is much higher than the Federal Reserve wants Americans to believe, according to Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

Stacey Abrams: ‘Absolutely’ My Ambition Is to Run for President

Former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said on this week’s broadcast of “CBS Sunday Morning” that she was “absolutely” planning to run for president of the United States in the future.

Musk humanizes outsize persona with self-deprecating SNL turn, as cast rebellion narrative fades

"Did you think I was also going to be a chill, normal dude?" quipped SpaceX, Tesla chief.

Don’t Call Me “Latinx”: Only 1% Of Surveyed Hispanics Prefer Far-Left’s Gender-Neutral Moniker.

A nation-wide poll of Hispanic Americans discovered that only an extreme minority believe that “immigration, race relations and education” are pressing issues and that “Latinx” is a term they would apply to themselves.

Reuters is now calling discredited, anti-American 1619 Project “black history,” claiming any who oppose teaching fake history are RACIST

In yet another lame attempt at smearing Republicans as black-hating racists, Reuters ran a ridiculous headline claiming that conservatives are trying to interfere with Resident Joe Biden’s attempts to teach American students more “black history.”

How the Biden Administration Could Step Up Warrantless Spying on Americans by Using Private Firms

The Biden administration is considering using private firms to surveil suspected domestic terrorists online, according to CNN.

Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases – Study

A new report has determined the Pfizer vaccine may cause Alzheimer's and other conditions

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Claims Trump Will Be Indicted Before 2024

MSNBC Host Donny Deutsch appeared on the network’s “Morning Joe” program on Friday and predicted that former president Donald Trump would be indicted before he could run for president in 2024.

Biden Admin. Claims Only Small Percentage Of Public Focused On Migrant Crisis

The Biden administration has continued to overlook the surge of illegal immigration at the southern border.

The Energy Crisis That No One Is Talking About

We live in a world where words are very carefully chosen.

Dr. Lee Merritt warns: Forced vaccines are a Holocaust-level crime against humanity

Dr. Lee Merritt, an orthopedic spinal surgeon, was interviewed by Mike Adams on a recent episode of Brighteon Conversations. Dr. Merritt joins a growing list of medical professionals who see forced vaccines as a holocaust-level crime against humanity.

China: Authorities arrest preacher of heavily-persecuted house church for officiating funeral

Communist authorities arrested a preacher from the heavily-persecuted house church in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, Early Rain Covenant Church, for “allegedly disturbing public order” by officiating a member’s funeral.

Disney Employees Undergo Critical Race Theory Training

Disney's critical race theory training docs for employees were revealed by whistleblower Chris Rufo, a conservative activist and documentary filmmaker.

With trans weightlifter set to make history at the Olympics, women athletes feel cheated, insulted

New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard is set to compete in Tokyo after the introduction of new rules letting transgender women enter female events. This is an affront to top athletes who spend their lives training to be the world’s best.

Chinese Military Scientists Discussed Weaponizing SARS Coronaviruses In Document Obtained By U.S.

Scientists in the Chinese military discussed weaponizing SARS coronaviruses in a document obtained by the United States Government where they discussed their ideas about using biological weapons to win a third world war.

The Leftist-BLM War on Police and War on Civil Society Resulted in 25% More US Homicides in 2020

In April 2020 Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood, NBA, the tech giants, and Major US Corporations launched their official War on Police across the United States.

Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals the covid spike protein is what’s causing deadly blood clots… and it’s in all the covid vaccines (by...

The prestigious Salk Institute, founded by vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, has authored and published a bombshell scientific article revealing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is what’s actually causing vascular damage in covid patients and covid vaccine recipients, promoting the strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots and other harmful reactions that have already killed thousands of Americans (source:

Gaetz, Greene tout push to oust Cheney: ‘Maybe we’re the leaders’

Reps. Matt Gaetz (Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) on Friday argued that they were "ahead" of their Republican colleagues in an effort to oust Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.) from her role in GOP leadership.

Tennessee legislature bans critical race theory in public and charter schools

The Tennessee legislature banned teaching critical race theory in public and charter schools.

Remember When Trump Accused Kerry of Violating the Logan Act? Uh-Oh

Astonished Republican Senators are abruptly calling for Kerry to be investigated if not fired by Biden outright

A Warning from Our Oldest Ally: Wokeness is Destructive

France, once a great nation, is disintegrating right before our eyes. The real culprits are not the Islamists, however; they are anti-racism and multiculturalism, dangerous ideas smartly named to hide a radical agenda.

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill on May 7 banning the teaching of critical race theory in the state’s public and charter schools.

Lunatic Screams at Pregnant Woman for Not Wearing Mask (Watch)

According to Twitchy, under the mistaken idea he was a hero, some lunatic posted (and then deleted) video of himself screaming at some poor woman (who says she’s pregnant) for not wearing a mask.

Jim Jordan Kicks Off House Judiciary Meeting with a BANG

Tucker slams ‘absolutely awful’ CNN host who berated dancing bride

Leftist Sheriff warns Maricopa County election audit demands ‘jeopardize’ law enforcement activities

The demands of a controversial Republican-backed audit of the 2020 election in Arizona's most populous county "jeopardize" law enforcement activities, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office warned.

Future Dependence on China Another Cost of Biden’s Vaccine IP Giveaway

President Biden and his administration's decision to negotiate a waiver for intellectual property protections on COVID-19 vaccines and other technologies continues to prove illogical and foolhardy.

At Record Highs, Copper “Is The New Oil” & Could Be A Double From Here

On the heels of record highs in Iron Ore and Steel earlier this week, as commodity demand soars on the back of economies emerging from COVID lockdowns (demand) and various supply chain/operational issues (supply); copper prices surged to an all-time high this morning as Chinese investors unleashed fresh demand following a five-day holiday.

San Diego SCRAPS Plans To Build Tent City For Illegal Immigrants

San Diego County has rescinded its plans to build a so-called “tent city” for illegal immigrants amid public outcry.

Christian mom jailed for ‘blaspheming’ Mohammed heading to Canada after court upholds acquittal

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has rejected a challenge to its acquittal of Asia Bibi on blasphemy charges, ensuring the Christian mother can finally join her daughters in Canada.

Atomic Scientist Mag: Left Media Failed To Ask Questions Over Wuhan Lab… Trump Derangement Syndrome Let China Off The Hook.

A new report in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, most commonly known for operating the “Doomsday Clock,” suggests the left-dominated media and “Trump derangement syndrome” has led to critical questions about the origins of COVID-19 being avoided, ignored, and ultimately led more to suffer.

Senator Josh Hawley says it’s time to BREAK UP the Big Tech monopoly

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R) joined the "Steve Deace Show" and addressed the problem with "Big Tech monopoly."

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Claims Trump Will Be Indicted Before 2024

MSNBC Host Donny Deutsch appeared on the network’s “Morning Joe” program on Friday and predicted that former president Donald Trump would be indicted before he could run for president in 2024.

Transgender Lobby Set to Cancel All Women – Unless They Speak Up!

Women - not men - are the real target they want to suppress.

Claims Of Blue Pens Being Used By Counters At Arizona Election Audit Is Exposed

Test ballots were on the floor when the blue pens were out according to the reporter who first alleged blue pens being used during the audit by counters

CDC Changes Rules for Counting Breakthrough Cases, as More Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will report only those breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalization or death. The agency also lowered the testing threshold, but only for the fully vaccinated.

Permit denied for National Day of Prayer at U.S. Capitol for 1st time in 70 years

After almost 70 years, the National Day of Prayer this year looks very different in Washington DC. That is because the permit to hold the annual event at the capital was denied for the first time since 1952.

Arizona Senate President Says She Thinks Election Audit Will Uncover ‘Irregularities’

The 2020 election audit going on in Arizona’s largest county will likely uncover some issues, the state’s Senate president said on Thursday.

Report: Blue States Lost Double the Jobs Than Red States During Pandemic

States that voted for President Joe Biden in the last election lost more than twice the number of jobs during the pandemic on average during the pandemic than states who voted for former President Donald Trump, according to a recent study.

Michelle Obama defends Black Lives Matter

Former first lady Michelle Obama defended Black Lives Matter by explaining that she and other black people live in fear while doing everyday tasks.

Biden Chief of Staff’s Daughter Asked DOJ to Deploy Federal Monitors for Arizona Audit

Hannah Klain, daughter of President Joe Biden’s powerful Chief of Staff Ron Klain, recently signed a letter urging the Justice Department to deploy federal monitors to monitor the Arizona State Senate’s audit of 2020 presidential votes in Maricopa County.

Elon Musk Says Cryptocurrency Is ‘Promising’, Warns to ‘Invest With Caution’ Ahead of SNL Appearance

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, is a vocal advocate of cryptocurrency, being especially supportive of 'dogecoin' - a crypto based on a shiba inu dog meme that was created ironically.

Governments can weaponize First Amendment to silence critics, groups tell SCOTUS

Appeals court allowed Pennsylvania school districts to file "objectively baseless" suit against anti-union group.

Ron DeSantis is giving $1,000 bonuses to all Florida police officers to show them appreciation

In an age where it's trendy to defund law enforcement and let criminals run rampant in the name of supposed "equity," Gov. Ron "The Man" DeSantis is taking a different route:

Man Snatches J&J Vaccine, Claims He’s Sending to Lab for Testing (Video)

'We're gonna go test this...We're gonna bring to the lab.'

Can experimental mRNA vaccines act as bio-weapons and transmit coronavirus spike proteins to the unvaccinated?

After Pfizer skipped animal trials for their new mRNA coronavirus vaccine, they began using various doses of foreign mRNA to experiment on human test subjects.

‘$17 trillion’: Economist finds Biden plans 3 times costlier than advertised

Real price tag could be as much as $119,000 per federal taxpayer!

Ward Wants Mail-In Ballot Signatures Verified, Cites Previous Finding That 6%-11% ‘Unlikely’ To Be Authentic

After the Arizona Democrats and the Arizona Senate reached a settlement that the firm conducting the Maricopa County audit would not verify signatures on mail-in ballots without a prior agreement from the Arizona Democratic Party, Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward said she “certainly” hopes Cyber Ninjas will obtain such an agreement, citing a previous examination of a small sample of ballots that saw between 6% and 11% of signatures were “unlikely to be a match.”

Joe Biden to Give Reparations to Illegals Deported Under President Trump

The ACLU is working with the Biden administration to give "compensation" to illegal immigrants.

ESPN’s Kellerman: We Are Seeing the ‘Decline’ of LeBron James

This week on ESPN’s “First Take,” co-host Max Kellerman said Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is on the “decline.”

“Why Are You Working So Hard to Shut the Audit Down? What Are You Hiding” – TGP Reporter Confronts AZ Secretary of State Katie...

A Gateway Pundit reporter confronted far left Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs following her interview with local news.

Texas Democrats Support Chairman Who Used ‘Oreo’ Slur Against Sen. Tim Scott

A Texas county’s Democratic Party is refusing to accept the resignation of Lamar County Democratic Party Chairman Gary O’Connor, who announced he would step down after calling Sen. Tim Scott an “oreo with no real principles.”

Milton Friedman’s Revenge

Column: The specter of inflation haunts Joe Biden’s presidency

‘This Is Not What I Signed Up For.’ Unsettling Exodus of Pastors Leaving the Ministry

High numbers of pastors leaving ministry are an an exodus that’s concerning to pastors‘ coach and co-founder Dan White Jr. of The KINEO Center, a place focused on offering healing for tired and traumatized leaders.

Jen Psaki Drops Big News About Fleeing the Sinking Ship

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dropped a big bomb during an interview that she did with David Axelrod on his podcast.

Republican Congressmen Expose Unfinished Gaps In Border Wall (Video)

Representatives Andy Biggs who represents Arizona’s 5th congressional direct and Rep. Jason Smith for Missouri’s 8th congressional district both traveled along the southern border to show how the current border crisis is getting worse.

Liz Cheney Is Not Forwarding The Republican Agenda

Trump Hammers Michigan, Wisconsin for Failing to Probe 2020 Vote Dump

Former President Donald Trump ripped into Michigan and Wisconsin for not investigating what he claimed was a late vote dump in both states for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

President Trump Welcomes N.H. Audit Of 2020 Elections, Praises Patriots For Revealing Truth

President Trump has endorsed the upcoming audit of the 2020 elections in New Hampshire while the state appoints members of the audit team. The 45th president congratulated the citizens of Windham Thursday for their effort to restore the integrity of elections in their state.

White Farmers Sue Biden Administration Over ‘Racist’ COVID Relief Plan

A disabled white farmer has sued President Joe Biden’s administration over his COVID-19 loan forgiveness program, alleging he can’t participate because he is white.

Black Lives Matter founder overjoyed her book is compared to Mao’s ‘Little Red Book’ in unearthed video

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors once was ecstatic that a book she was promoting was compared to the "Little Red Book" by Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong, one of the most notorious mass murderers in history.

How Stalin Canceled ‘Hamlet’ in the Soviet Union—and What It Can Teach Us about Cancel Culture

Mass fear can result in censorship that is just as stifling and oppressive as government bans, history shows.

Sharp decline in U.S. birthrate worrying to Church leaders

When Auxiliary Bishop Jorge Rodríguez of Denver moved to the U.S. from Europe, one thing that made the country “exceptionally beautiful” was the number of families with multiple children spending time together, a distinction he fears might be slipping away.

Shocking Miss: The U.S. Economy Added Just 266,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Ticks Up

The U.S. economy added just 266,000 jobs in April and the unemployment rate ticked up to 6.1 percent, the Labor Department said in its monthly labor assessment Friday, smashing expectations.

An army of Big Biotech companies is using psych tactics to ‘create vaccine demand’

A new ‘Vaccination Demand Observatory’ is using surveillance, bots, and ‘behavior change’ mass marketing schemes to press reluctant people into getting the shots

Lindsey Graham: Republicans Cannot ‘Move Forward Without President Trump’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Thursday suggested that GOP is still the party of former President Donald Trump.

Ivy League Experts Find White House Estimate on Spending Plan Cost Is Laughably Low

One of President Joe Biden’s biggest promises lately is laughably low — but there’s nothing funny about it.

Trevor Noah: ‘Why Are People Who Get the Vaccine Still Being Made to Wear Masks?’

Leftist comedian didn’t get the “new normal” memo.

LifeSiteNews Has Been Permanently Banned From Another Social Media Platform

Facebook has permanently disabled the page of LifeSiteNews, a media outlet that has an emphasis on pro-life and Christian content. The reason Facebook gave for banning LifeSite was that the outlet was spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

Biological male weightlifter who identifies as female and competes against women poised to become first transgender Olympian

Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard — a biological male who identifies as female and has competed against women for several years — is poised to become the first-ever transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Games, Inside the Games reported.

‘External Devices’ With Up-to-Date Vote Totals Were Taken Offsite

More corrupt and suspicious acts performed by the Maricopa County election team and/or vendor have come to light. Dr. Kelli Ward says that devices that held data during the election in Maricopa County were snuck offsite nightly.

Tucker Carlson: How Many Americans Have Died After Taking COVID Vaccines?

Fox News commentator, Tucker Carlson, cited government statistics showing more Americans have died after getting the COVID vaccine in four months than from all other vaccines combined in more than a decade and a half.

Poll: One of Four Americans Say It Is ‘Safe’ for Them to Go Out in Public Without a Mask

One of four Americans believe it is safe for them to personally go out in public without wearing a mask, an Economist/YouGov survey released this week showed.

Iran Blows Up ‘US Capitol’ in Disturbing New Propaganda Video (Watch)

Iranian state-controlled media on Sunday reportedly released a propaganda video showing an Iranian attack destroying the U.S. Capitol building and Iran conquering Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

Tennessee Legislature Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

The Tennessee Legislature approved a measure that bans the Marxist-inspired critical race theory from being taught in the state’s public and charter schools.

Trump Speaks at Pro-Life Summit, Calls Biden One of the Most ‘Radical’ Presidents

Addressing a crowd of pro-life activists, former President Donald Trump reportedly described his successor, President Joe Biden, as one of the most "radical" presidents in United States history.

AOC Calls Herself A ‘Planned Parenthood Baby,’ Says Abortion Providers Save Babies In Bizarre Rant

"And if you don’t believe it and if you’ve never met a Planned Parenthood baby, I’m happy to let you know that I am one."

White Farmers Sue Biden Over Racial Discrimination In Loan Forgiveness Program

A class action lawsuit was filed last Thursday against the Biden administration by a group of white farmers who say that a farm loan forgiveness program contained in the COVID relief bill makes them ineligible for the program because of their race.

Why I Haven’t Gotten The Shot (Yet?)

When it comes to technology, I’m an early adapter. I usually get the newest tech that interests me as soon as it is available, unless the upgrade is so minimal it’s not worth it.

Biden insists rich Americans will still have ‘two homes and their jets’ despite tax hike

President Biden said his tax proposal is not about 'punishing anybody'

‘Democrats Turning America Into Totalitarian Communist State,” Says Attorney Sidney Powell

According to attorney Sidney Powell, the Democrat Party and its corporate allies are turning America into a centralized country.

China labeled biggest polluter, more than US and rest of developed countries combined

A new climate report published today claims China is by far the highest producer of greenhouse gas emissions.

Biden’s DOJ Tries To Interfere In Arizona’s Election Audit

Federal government's letter to the AZ Senate appears to violate U.S. Constitution in desperate bid to stop Maricopa County vote audit.

Governor Jay Inslee Orders Churches, Sporting Events To Implement ‘Vaccinated Sections’

Washington Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Road to Recovery” plan includes mandating houses of worship and sports events require vaccine passport sections to raise capacity limits.

Is THIS how Marxists will destroy private property in America?

Teacher’s DISGUSTING Cop Meltdown & A Case For Chauvin Mistrial

Viral Content Creator Hits Back HARD Against Racist Comments

Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden sounds off on ‘woke’ CIA ad

Dow Hits Record Highs as US Industrial, Leisure Stocks Rebound

NEW YORK (Sputnik) - The Dow Jones Industrial Average, Wall Street’s broadest equity value barometer, hit record highs on Wednesday, as industrial and leisure stocks previously battered during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States rebounded amid falling infection numbers due to the huge vaccination drive against the virus.

VAERS data show nearly 4,000% increase in vaccine deaths in 2021 (so far) vs. the entire year of 2020

According to government data published at, just 82 people died in 2020 after being vaccinated. But so far in 2021, there are 3,317 deaths that have been reported following covid-19 vaccinations.

Nun: Battle not between Republicans, Democrats, but between ‘devil and our Lord’

Surgeon, retired Army colonel spoke at 2020 Republican National Convention

Twitter BANS ‘Trump Desk’ account after Democrats demand censorship

An account sharing posts from former US President Donald Trump’s ‘desk’ page – and operated by his PAC – was banned by Twitter after angry Democrats flooded the platform with demands to “#RemoveTrumpJack”.

Maricopa County Admits Voting Machines Didn’t Have Password For Admin Functions

Major developments are coming out of Maricopa County as the Arizona Senate continues its audit of the 2020 election.

Biden Issues National Day of Prayer Proclamation — Omits Word ‘God’

A National Day of Prayer Proclamation put out by the administration Wednesday noticeably omits mention of the word “God.”

Texas Poised To Pass Law Allowing People To Carry A Handgun Without A License

The Texas Senate has advanced a bill that would allow Texans to carry a handgun without any form of license.

OAN Obtains Letter From DOJ Trying To Stop Ariz. Audit

There’s breaking news out of Maricopa County, Arizona where Biden administration officials are attempting to insert themselves into the ongoing ballot audit despite lacking the authority to do so.

DeSantis: Florida’s New Voting Law Adds ‘Strongest Election Integrity’

While signing the state's new voting law during a television appearance early Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hailed the legislation's focus on election security, saying the legislation adds the "strongest election integrity measures in the country."

Still No Evidence of Armed Insurrection on Jan. 6

It almost seems like the narrative was created in advance.

Trump Allies Launch Nonprofit Focused on Election Fraud

Allies of former President Donald Trump have launched a new initiative focused on election fraud, according to a news release.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Forget Packages, USPS Is Tracking You

Should every federal agency be on surveillance duty? What if the mailman is the one looking through the peephole?

Facebook’s Anti-Free Speech Rulers Maintain Their Trump Ban | Ep. 1250

Trump: Facebook must pay the price

Mic’d Up — The Devil in Hollywood 2.0

The Liberals Who Can’t Quit the Covid Lockdown

We all know the Left thinks COVID is the worst thing to happen to humanity since the Black Death.

WATCH: How Chemical Farming Created an Epidemic of Chronic Disease

In “Chemical Farming and the Loss of Human Health,” Dr. Zach Bush exposes the truth about our toxic food system and its impact on human health.

Trump Endorses NY’s Stefanik to Replace Cheney in House GOP Leadership

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) to replace Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) as the House Republican Conference chair.

Michigan Woman Died of ‘Complications’ After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine: Family

A Michigan family claims that their loved one died of complications after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine and that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating.

Connecticut’s Religious Anti-Vaxxers File Suit

On April 28, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed into law a bill eliminating the state’s religious exemption for mandatory school vaccinations.

White House: Joe Biden Believes Social Media Platforms Should Block More ‘Untrustworthy Content’

The White House said Wednesday President Joe Biden supported social media companies banning more content considered “untrustworthy” on their platforms.

Johns Hopkins professor tells Americans not to buy the ‘fearmongering’ that the media and experts are selling as the COVID-19 threat wanes

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health professor Dr. Marty Makary has shown he's not afraid to call out the nation's government health experts and media when he feels they are being overly cautious when it comes to the handling of COVID-19 — from the lifting of restrictions for the vaccinated to the forced isolation of Americans to the health bureaucracy's lack of common sense.

Melinda Gates Receives Shares Worth $1.8 Billion From Cascade Investment Amid Divorce News

Earlier, the US multibillionaire entrepreneur and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, and his wife announced a break up after almost three decades of marriage. The divorce proceedings are expected to become some of the most pricy in the world, as they could split up a fortune of around $145 billion, according to Bloomberg estimates.

GOP Representative Accuses Facebook of Promoting Human Smuggling Amid Border Crisis

Soon after Democratic US President Joe Biden was sworn in, the US-Mexico border saw an unprecedented amount of migrants trying to enter the United States in search of a better life, apparently inspired by the Biden administration's softer immigration policy.

STUDY: 70% of Men Would Rather Die Early Than Give Up Meat

An overwhelming majority of men would rather die young than give up eating meat

Democrats Settle Lawsuit Over Maricopa Audit With 9 Days To Go, Experts Will Cease Signature Matching

Signature matching of mail in ballots to the voters' signature will cease immediately, at the Democrats' request

Bill Gates Transfers $1.8 Billion In Stocks To Melinda Amid Divorce

The family office has long been seen as a piggy bank for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Oil nears $70 buoyed by summer demand outlook & US inventories drop

The price of crude continued to rise for a third day on Wednesday amid reports of a sharp drop in US stockpiles and expectations of a summer surge in fuel demand.

California Proposes A Ban On Advanced Math Classes

In the name of equality, the California Department of Education seeks to dumb down the brightest kids.

NIH Hit With Lawsuit for Failing to Produce Documents Related to Controversial Gain-of-Function Research

The National Institutes of Health’s refusal to make public documents related to research the agency is funding on pandemic viruses is “grossly irresponsible,” said Andrew Kimbrell, executive director of Center for Food Safety which filed the lawsuit.

Trump Renews Attacks on ‘Warmonger’ Cheney, ‘Gutless’ McConnell

Former President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on "warmonger" Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., and "gutless" Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on Wednesday for their words and actions surrounding the 2020 election.

CDC: U.S. Birth Rate Sees Largest Drop in 50 Years

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that the birth rate in the U.S. fell by four percent in 2020 — the largest yearly drop in five decades.

Netanyahu misses deadline to form new Israeli government, reign could come to end

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's time in power could be at an end after he failed to form a new governing coalition in the country's parliament by a midnight deadline Tuesday.

‘Unprecedented’: Over 500 pro-life bills filed in 2021, more than 60 enacted nationwide

A new report from a pro-choice research organization found that in the first four months of 2021, more than 500 pro-life bills have been introduced at the state level and more than 60 have been enacted nationwide.

Harry Potter event canceled over JK Rowling’s comments on gender: ‘Causing distress’

Organizers of a book festival in New Zealand have canceled an event featuring the popular children's book series Harry Potter over past comments on the transgender debate made by author J.K. Rowling.

The Back Story of the CIA’s ‘Woke’ Recruiting Video

Can somebody 'sneak into' the CIA, or possibly 'slip through the cracks?'

Alyssa Milano labelled a ‘white supremacist’ in online viral video

‘Total Disgrace’: Trump Hits Back After Facebook Upholds Ban

Donald J. Trump slams Facebook after its Oversight Board upheld the suspension of his account.

Trump Redefines the ‘Big Lie’

Former President Donald Trump is trying to turn his critics’ words against them.

Bush Again Rips Republican Party: GOP Can’t Stand For ‘White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism’

Former President George W. Bush took another swipe at the Republican Party, saying if they fail to become a more inclusive party, they won’t “win anything.”

Family of Air Force Vet Killed on Jan. 6 Announces Major Lawsuit Against Capitol Police

Ashli Babbitt’s family is planning to sue the U.S. Capitol Police Department and the officer who shot and killed Babbitt during the incursion of the Capitol on Jan. 6, their attorney announced Thursday.

Romney Booed On Stage At Utah GOP Convention; Censure Vote Against Him Failed

Senator Mitt Romney was met with boos from the audience of the recently-concluded Utah Republican Convention when he took the stage to deliver a speech before the GOP crowd.

WOKE: Target Store That Was Destroyed, Looted During BLM Riots Now Boasts Murals Celebrating BLM Arson, Rioting For ‘Justice’

A Target store in Minneapolis that was looted and destroyed during the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots now has murals outside their rebuilt store boasting of Black Lives Matter rioting and arson.

Biden Rejects Permit for Annual POW-MIA Motorcycle Ride

Under President Joe Biden’s leadership, the Pentagon has rejected a permit for the annual Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride that is held in Washington, DC, each Memorial Day to honor POW/MIA veterans.

Caitlyn Jenner releases first ad in seeking to recall Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom: Set to fight against ‘elitist’ politicians

Caitlyn Jenner says she is poised to fight "elitist" politicians such as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a bid to return California to its former glory.

Tucker Reveals Kevin McCarthy Secretly Lives In Apartment With Frank Luntz

"So actually the top Republican in the House does live with someone who lobbies for Google... So now you know why they listen to Frank Luntz but they don't listen to you."

Windham Residents STAND WITH BACKS TURNED on Board As They Railroad Audit Process — SCREAM AND CHANT “RESIGN!” (VIDEO)

HUNDREDS of local citizens turned out to the Windham, New Hampshire City Meeting tonight at the city hall.

Around 1.3 Billion People Worldwide Don’t Want the COVID-19 Vaccine: Gallup Poll

Around 1.3 billion people worldwide said that they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine if it became available at no cost, according to a Gallup poll taken in the last six months of 2020 and released Monday.

There is no scientific basis to support the concept of vaccine passports, let alone any legal basis

Vaccine passports are dead on arrival, legally and scientifically. There is no scientific or legal basis to support such a discriminatory, coercive act of medical tyranny that segregates people who already have naturally acquired immunity or who are at no risk from a hypothetical infection.

Here’s Why It’s Time to Abolish the FBI

Project Veritas – OLIGARCHY (Official Video)

Workers Pay for Privileged Students

Democrat lawmaker arrested in sex-trafficking sting

Former state house speaker now facing charges

‘Mamalitia’ Group of Pro-2A, Anti-Vax Moms Under Assault Following Media Smears

'The tyrants have created women who are ready to go like it's 1776,' group proclaims on their website.

The Left Will Not Let Go of COVID

It’s far too useful for their agenda.

Trump Launches New Communications Platform: ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’

Followers can receive comments, images, and videos directly from President Trump.

As Biden Pushes Founders’ America to the Brink, Americans Must ‘Revisit the Original Plan’: Gen. Flynn

James Madison, hailed as the father of our Constitution, is probably turning over in his grave given the shredding of our God-given constitutional values and principles upon which we were founded.

China’s demand for natural gas set to accelerate

China’s domestic natural gas demand is set to grow faster this year, gaining 10 percent, Argus reports, citing state-owned energy majors PetroChina and Sinopec.

Trump Cheers Utah GOP That Booed ‘Stone-Cold Loser’ Mitt Romney, Rips ‘Big-Shot Warmonger’ Cheney

Former President Donald Trump slammed establishment Republicans Senator Mitt Romney and Representative Liz Cheney in a pair of statements released on Monday.

South Texas Hispanic Females Turning Rio Grande Valley Red: ‘If I Were the Democrats, I Would Be Very Afraid’

South Texas Hispanic females are leading the charge to turn the Democrat stronghold of the Rio Grande Valley red.

Texas Democrat Facing Calls to Resign after Calling Tim Scott an ‘Oreo’

A Texas Democratic official is facing calls to resign from his post after calling Senator Tim Scott (R., S.C.) a racial slur.

Armed man shot by federal agents after standoff outside CIA headquarters

(USA Today) Federal agents opened fire on an armed man outside CIA headquarters in McLean, Virginia, during an hourslong standoff on Monday, authorities said.

Bill and Melinda Gates announce end of 27-year marriage

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private charitable foundation

Pope Francis uses COVID-19 pandemic to call for end to ‘individualism’

Pope Francis, from Vatican City, in the context of speaking about the coronavirus pandemic, called on the faithful of the world to rise up, unite and put a stop to all this “personal and collective individualism” that’s going on. Just stop it, he said. Just stop this “individualism” nonsense right now.

Two-year-old baby DIES during Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine experiments on children

Within six days of receiving a second injection of Pfizer’s experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine, a two-year-old baby enrolled in the company’s clinical trials for children passed away, new reports indicate.

UPDATE: Street Preacher Arrested for Defining Biblical Marriage Says ‘I Was Doing What My Job Description Says’

Pastor John Sherwood was arrested last week for preaching from the end of Genesis as he explained the biblical definition of marriage in an open area near Uxbridge Underground Station.

CIA recruitment video slammed as ‘woke propaganda’

A gag-worthy CIA recruitment video, featuring an “intersectional” and “cisgender” Latina mom, has been panned by critics — who say it is “woke propaganda” gone too far.

Biden Admin Wants to Outsource Spying on Americans to Private Firms, Bypass 4th Amendment

The Biden administration is considering using private firms to track the online activity of American citizens in order to get around the Fourth Amendment and other laws that protect Americans from unreasonable searches and seizures and surveillance.

Crypto & Gold Jump As Dollar Dumps, Stocks & Bonds Rise

Aside from a disappointing stagflationary miss on ISM Manufacturing (and Buffett and Munger musings on inflation), the big headlines of today are in crypto where altcoins are screaming higher...

Huge Victory for Kids: Court Orders EPA to Ban Use of Toxic Pesticide on Foods

In a “huge victory” for children and farmworkers, a U.S. court ordered the EPA to revoke all food uses of chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin linked to developmental harms, especially in children.

Facebook ‘Supreme Court’ Will Announce Decision on Trump Blacklisting Wednesday

The Facebook “Supreme Court” will announce its final decision on former President Trump’s Facebook account on Wednesday morning, according to a recent announcement.

‘Cops Off Campus Coalition’ kicks off ‘Abolition May’ as professors across the country vow to cancel classes in support of movement

Professors across the country have vowed to cancel class and enable students, teachers, and other school personnel to strike in protest against campus police presence, according to Campus Reform.

Someone Needs to Tell Texas to Wake Up After This in Austin

Giuliani Says FBI Is Trying to ‘Frame’ Him After Apartment Search

Days after federal investigators searched his apartment and confiscated several devices, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed that the FBI is “trying to frame him.”

‘Dark Moment in History’ as GMO Mosquitoes Released in Florida

Environmentalists said the release of up to a billion GMO mosquitoes over a two-year period is about maximizing profits for biotech giant Oxitec, not about the pressing need to address mosquito-borne diseases.

Is Coca Cola backing down? Coke ‘pauses’ race initiatives after big BOYCOTT

Spy Plane Identified Circling the Election Audit Building

A spy plane was identified flying over the Maricopa County audit.

Serious Education Requires God | Highlights Ep.11

Biden White House Relishes Racism Rhetoric—Unless It’s About Biden

On Day 91, the White House deals freely in race-based rhetoric—until the questions turn to Biden’s own background.

By Democrats’ Standards, Their School Closures Are Systemic Racism

While the Biden administration still refuses to say whether schools should be fully open this fall, new data shows systemic racial disparities in the availability of in-person education.

Students offered school credit toward graduation for getting vaccine

'This feels coercive, like a form of bribery'

Denmark to cancel Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine rollout

Denmark will not include Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine in its Covid immunization program over blood-clot concerns, according to media reports. Authorities in Denmark are being extra cautious and excluding AstraZeneca’s vaccine too.

New Chinese Submarine Armed With Missiles Capable of Covering Entire US

China's newly commissioned nuclear-powered submarine, dubbed the Type 094A, is equipped with ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of 10,000 kilometres (6,200 miles) — the most powerful in the country, the South China Morning Post reported, citing a military source.

Black Lives Matter Releases List Of Demands: Convict Trump, Ban From All Social Media

Black Lives Matter has released a new set of ‘demands’ which seem heavily focused on two things – shutting down both former President Trump and law enforcement in the country.

Ariz. Audit Chief Says Probe Of 2020 Fraud Is Gaining Momentum (Video)

Election audits for the 2020 U.S. election are moving forward despite continued attempts by Democrats to derail the process.

Covid-19 lockdowns arguably hit kids harder than adults. And that wasn’t only unfair—it also put them in danger

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a disaster for children. Lockdowns and school closures have impacted far more than their education, as the record number of calls to a British child-abuse helpline have revealed.

Mystery Neurological Disease Pops Up Near American Border, And Scientists Can’t Figure It Out

This story might give you a sense of déjà vu you’d rather not experience.

Leading Catholics Offer Grim Assessment of Joe Biden’s First 100 Days

Prominent Catholic thinkers have handed Joe Biden a failing report card following the president’s first hundred days in office.

Gov. DeSantis announces suspension of all local emergency COVID-19 orders

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday signed a bill that would ban COVID-19 vaccine passports in the state and also announced a new executive order suspending all local pandemic-related emergency orders.

Peter Schiff: The Fed Cheats To Avoid Getting An ‘F’ On The Economy (Video)

A lot of the economic data that came out last week looked pretty good. GDP growth came in big in the first quarter. Personal income rose by a record amount in March. The mainstream spun it all as positive, raving as if the economy is earning an ‘A.’

Ugly: White Democratic Official Uses Racial Slur Against Tim Scott

The effectiveness of Sen. Tim Scott's GOP response to President Biden's speech last week has been made clear by the volume of left-wing vitriol it has provoked.

U.S. Teacher Training Org Is Partnered With A Chinese Communist Group Promoting ‘Socialist’ Nursery Rhymes

The Erikson Institute – one of America’s premier graduate schools training teachers and influencing classroom curricula – is engaged in a “long-term cooperative relationship” with a Chinese Communist Party group overseeing the regime’s Communist Youth League and publishing books including “nursery rhymes embodying the core values of socialism” and magazines praising Xi Jinping and Karl Marx, The National Pulse can reveal.

John Kerry Financial Disclosures Show Millions in Income From Stocks, Including Oil Companies

John Kerry, special presidential envoy on climate at the State Department, has disclosed millions of dollars in income from stocks—including of oil companies—that he liquidated after he assumed office in January, according to financial disclosure forms obtained by media outlets.

Texas voters make Lubbock a sanctuary city for the unborn, becomes largest city to outlaw abortion

Texans voted overwhelmingly to make Lubbock a "Sanctuary City for the Unborn" by outlawing abortion.

Stock market peak? ‘Easy money’ has been made but room for more gains, strategists say

Investors need to be more focused on finding companies that can clear a higher bar on earnings: Nuveen’s Malik