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Czech Republic Scraps COVID Vax Mandate

New Prime Minister says policy would “deepen fissures in society.”

Supreme Court Upholds Texas Six-Week Abortion Ban

Court denies abortion providers’ request to allow federal court challenge.

The Great Parental Revolt | Ep. 1417

Misreading China Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep254

Italian Nurse Arrested for Giving Fake COVID Jabs: Video

Police say people were fraudulently obtaining Covid-19 passes by receiving fake vaccinations in Palermo.

‘Fasting With God’: Can An American Revival Come Through Fasting?

"I believe revival is going to sweep from California through the United States."

U.S. Judge Blocks Biden’s Federal Employee COVID Vax Mandate

Texas judge blocks U.S. government from disciplining employees who failed to comply.

California Agrees to Remove Aztec Prayers From School Curriculum

On Jan. 13, the state of California, along with its Board of Education and Department of Education, settled a lawsuit with parents over a controversial ethnic studies program that required school children to pray to Aztec gods.

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