Brandon Ramlet


Freedom Over Fear

Two Iowa "mama bears" discuss how they won the fight in banning masks in Iowa schools and their journey to empower other families in the fight to unmask kids across America.

The Fight for Election Integrity with Mike Lindell

Election Integrity is one of the biggest issues in America today, and the stakes have never been higher. Mike Lindell gives us an update on his pioneering efforts to uncover what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Stand Up For Small Business In California – Allow Them To Reopen NOW Safely (PETITION)

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Fire, Mudslides and #METOO: Is God Punishing California?

-Previously published Op-Ed for:  Referring to God as a Reactionary seems odd, even to the writer. The term "reactionary" is mostly used in the...

How to Spot the Poverty Spirit

-Previously published Op-Ed for: A poverty spirit is easy to spot. It shows up in both the Prodigal Son and the older brother (Luke...

California’s Devastating Wildfires and God

-Previously published Op-Ed for:  The term “scorched earth” is usually one we associate with a military policy that targets anything that may be useful...

Manchester Attack is ‘Evidence we are Living in Prophetic Days,’ says End Times Pastor

-Previously published for: The Christian Post As heinous terror attacks continue to take place in populated cities around the world and claim the lives of...

Lawlessness and the War on Law Enforcement

As someone who regularly speaks to biblical prophesy as it relates to the end of the world, I once was asked, “When you think...

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