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Watch: Desantis Torches Disney Over Opposition to Law Banning Sexual Ideology Being Forced on Young Children

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed Disney during a Fox News interview on Tuesday night over their opposition to a bill that was signed into law that is intended to return power to parents to determine when and how their children should learn about sexual topics.

White House Budget Earmarks Billions to Defeat ‘Climate Crisis’ Abroad as Gas Prices Soar

"Well, the budget I'm releasing today sends a clear message to the American people what we value," said President Joe Biden on Monday.

House GOP Leaders Working On ‘Commitment to America,’ Similar to 1994 ‘Contract’

Republicans in the House are working on their own version of the Contract With America, at least so says the GOP Speaker who helped pen the original version.

Easter Is the Latest Holiday Hit by Inflation; Candy Prices Surge, Supply Shortages Abound

Easter is the latest holiday to be affected by inflation, as price surges and shortages of necessary raw materials hamper candy producers.

Leftists Demand Clarence Thomas Be Impeached Over His Wife’s Texts

The Women’s March wants Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas impeached… for texts his wife sent.

The Education Governor: Desantis Eliminates FSA in Public Schools

On Tuesday, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the elimination of primary statewide standardized tests in public schools after this year.

MSNBC Torched for Claiming ‘Hitler Didn’t Kill Ethnic Germans’

MSNBC and guest Michael McFaul were blasted online over remarks that he made on the network’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” and a tweet that was later posted by the Maddow Blog about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Bill Maher Defends Florida Bill: ‘Maybe Kids That Young Shouldn’t Be Thinking About Sex at All’

Left-leaning comedian Bill Maher defended the Florida bill that critics have unfairly labeled “Don’t Say Gay,” arguing during the “Overtime” portion of Friday night’s episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher” that it was reasonable to believe kids in early elementary school should not “be thinking about sex at all.”

Detransitioners Flood Social Media With Testimony, Photos: ‘the Darkest Time in My Life’

“The stories will not be easy to accept - medical scandals never are. But that doesn't mean they should be ignored”

Biden Announces Ban on Imports of Russian Vodka, Seafood, and Diamonds, Moves to Revoke Favored Nation Status

On Friday, President Joe Biden announced a new wave of sanctions intended to “hold Russia accountable” in response to President Vladimir Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine.

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