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Montana Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning TikTok

Montana lawmakers passed a bill this week banning the social media app TikTok from operating in the state.

Trump Says He Will Be Arrested

Former President Donald Trump claims he will be arrested on Tuesday as he is being investigated by New York prosecutors for payments made during his presidential campaign, with Trump calling for his followers to protest.

Canada Bans TikTok from Government Devices

TikTok will be automatically removed and blocked from use on all government-issued mobile devices as of February 28.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Defends TikTok Despite Most States Banning Use On Government Devices

Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made excuses for using the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok, despite Congress and most states partially or fully banning the app on government-issued devices.

Texas Gov. Abbott Bans TikTok on State-Issued Devices

TikTok is owned by Chinese media giant ByteDance.

TikTok Negotiates $1.5 Billion Transparency Plan With U.S. Lawmakers

TikTok is in discussion with the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment over a $1.5 billion plant to increase its transparency with the United States.

NYC Mayor Says ‘Big Brother’ Is ‘Protecting You’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams responded to the criticism of increased digital surveillance in the city saying that it was a positive use of technology.

Biden Admin to Spend Half a Million Dollars on Artificial Intelligence that Detects ‘Offensive’ Speech on Social Media

The Biden admin is set to drop more than $550,000 in grants to develop artificial intelligence that protects users from 'discriminatory speech' on social media.

U.S. Lawmakers Unveil Bipartisan Bid to Ban China’s TikTok

Republican Senator Marco Rubio on Tuesday announced bipartisan legislation to ban China's popular social media app TikTok, ratcheting up pressure on owner ByteDance Ltd amid U.S. fears the app could be used to spy on Americans and censure content.

Texas Bans China-Linked TikTok for Gov’t-Issued Devices

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott forbids state agencies from using popular social media app linked to Chinese Communist Party.

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