Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Bill Removing Inactive Voters From State’s Voting System

Lawmakers introduce new legislation that would force Wisconsin to scrub voter rolls of the millions of current inactive voters in the state.

California’s New Digital License Plates Made Cars Trackable by Hackers

Reviver says its mission is to “modernize” the driving experience, and the way it does that is by developing the world’s first digital license plate and connected vehicle platform.

CDC Appears to Remove Vax Injury Data

“What a sneaky way to basically sweep almost 800,000 adverse events under the rug."

Yale Prof Takes Swipe at Capitalism

Professor Laurie Santos at Yale University warns that capitalism and the pursuit of material possessions and success cause anxiety in students and suggests that religion, spirituality, and positive actions such as meditation and volunteering promote lasting happiness.

Direct Messaging Now Available on Truth Social

Maximum of 500 characters per message.

Document Exposes Secret Government Twitter Portal Used to Censor COVID Posts

America First Legal has released documents revealing how the Biden administration used a secret Twitter portal to censor Covid social media content in disagreement with the mainstream narrative.

Twitter to Delete 1.5 Billion Unused Accounts

Twitter owner Elon Musk said Friday his social media platform will soon scrub 1.5 billion dormant accounts, clearing out people who have been inactive...

Trump Says ‘Unprecedented Fraud Requires Unprecedented Cure’ Regarding 2020 Election Obstruction

Trump took to Truth Social to react to the 2020 election interference posed by Twitter's suppression of speech.

TikTok Aims to ‘Corrupt Young Americans and Teach Them to Hate Their Country,’ Senator Warns

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton advised Americans to "delete" their TikTok account as the platform seeks to "corrupt young Americans and teach them to hate their country."

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