Former Transgender Teenager Sues Medical Group That Gave Her a Sex Change Operation at 13

A teenager who has detransitioned from being a male filed a lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente Medical Group after health care providers performed gender surgery at 13 years old.

Karine Jean-Pierre Under Fire After Briefing Goes off the Rails in Front of ‘Ted Lasso’ Cast

A White House press briefing Monday erupted when a reporter confronted press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for "making a mockery of the First Amendment" by not taking his questions for several months.

Missouri Attorney General Issues Emergency Regulation Prohibiting Experimental Gender Transition Interventions

"As Attorney General, I will protect children and enforce the laws as written, which includes upholding state law on experimental gender transition interventions," said AG Bailey.

Woman To Sue Health Care Providers That Gave Her a Sex Change Operation At 13

an 18-year-old who identified as transgender in adolescence before outgrowing it, plans to sue the hospital system and health care providers involved in her medical transition.

Biden Announces Executive Order Strengthening Gun Control Measures

Joe Biden has issued an executive order aimed at tightening gun control measures, including strengthening background checks, increasing accountability for "rogue" gun dealers, and promoting safe storage of firearms.

Child and Teen Suicide Attempts Rose 22 Percent During Pandemic, Researchers Say

Emergency room visits for suicide attempts among minors increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the number of visits from youths who considered suicide also rising, researchers have found.

West Virginia Passes Legislation Protecting Children From ‘Transgender’ Procedures

Lawmakers in West Virginia passed a bill last week banning transgender surgical procedures for children.

Norway’s Medical Watchdog Labels Trans Drugs for Kids as Experimental Due to Lack of Research

Norway's medical watchdog has recommended that treatments for transgender minors be considered experimental due to a lack of research on the safety and long-term effects of gender confirmation treatments, which have seen a surge in demand in recent years, particularly among girls who identify as boys.

Former Lawyer for ‘QAnon Shaman’ Says Client Wasn’t Shown Jan 6 Footage

The former lawyer for "QAnon Shaman" Jacob Chansley claimed Chansley was not shown Tucker Carlson's January 6 surveillance footage.

Photos of John Fetterman at Hospital Released

An aide to Pennsylvania senator John Fetterman (D) posted a series of pictures of Fetterman to Twitter, saying the senator "will be back soon."

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