ICE Reportedly Planning to Release Thousands of Migrants

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has drafted plans to release thousands of illegal immigrants and lower its capacity to detain them, according to a report from The Washington Post.

Denver Mayor Blames Republicans for $5 Million Cuts from Public Services to Pay For Illegal Immigrants

Denver's Democratic mayor is blaming Republicans and former President Donald Trump for cutting $5 million from public services used by its residents in order to pay for supporting illegal immigration.

Criticism Mounts as Biden Warns of Worsening Border Crisis Amid GOP Opposition

The Biden administration is under fire for suggesting they would make the border crisis worse if Republicans didn’t vote the way they want them...

RNC’s Line of Credit to be ‘Collateralized’ With Donor List

A report from RedState's Jennifer Van Laar details that the Republican National Committee (RNC) members were notified that the $10 million line of credit the executive committee is seeking will be "collateralized with the RNC donor list."

California’s Woke Policies of Destruction

A commentary published in The Telegraph detailed how California's woke policies are continuously destroying the state.

JPMorgan CEO Warns United States ‘Speeding Toward a Cliff’ As Debt Continues to Increase

JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon says the United States is "speeding toward a cliff" as the nation's debt continues to mount.

Ohio GOP Primary Takes a Turn with Johnson’s Candidate Endorsement

House Speaker Mike Johnson has thrown his support behind Ohio District Nine Congressional Candidate State Rep. Derek Merrin, who is challenging Democratic Rep. Marcy...

Congress Votes to Avoid Shutdown, Fund Government Through March

The House approved a short-term spending bill this week by a vote of 314-108, averting a partial government shutdown and funding federal agencies through early March.

New York Governor Provides $2.4 Billion for Illegal Immigrants

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) has added millions of dollars to the 2025 fiscal year plan to combat illegal immigration.

Pentagon Denies Taylor Swift is an ‘Asset’ For Government Operations

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh denied Fox News host Jesse Watters claim that megastar Taylor Swift is an "asset" for government operations.

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