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Christian Film Studio Debuts with Star-Studded ‘Camp Hideout’ (Watch Trailer)

'Called Higher Studios,' self-proclaimed as the "world’s first Christian fan-owned movie studio," is set to release its inaugural film, “Camp Hideout,” today.

‘Sound of Freedom’ Announces More International Dates As Film Nears $200 Million Mark

Angel Studios announced Friday that the hit film "Sound of Freedom" will add more international dates as the film gets close to the $200 million mark worldwide.

Trump to Go After Human Traffickers as ‘New Moses’: Jim Caviezel

Caviezel said Trump has "got to be" in the White House.

Actor Jim Caviezel Urges Human Trafficking Whistleblowers to Come Forward

In an interview with The Daily Signal, "Sound of Freedom" stars Jim Caviezel and Eduardo Verástegui urged viewers of the film to take action against human trafficking.

Jim Caviezel to Star in ‘Sound of Freedom’: Gripping Film on Human Trafficking, Set for Nationwide Release July 4 (Watch Trailer)

Caviezel has described the project as "the second most important film I’ve done after 'The Passion of the Christ.'"

‘His Only Son’ Brings in $11 Million at Domestic Box Office

Christian film portraying Abraham and Isaac, "His Only Son," earned $11 million at the domestic box office.

‘His Only Son’ Christian Film Third at Box Office

"His Only Son," a film by Angel Studios portraying Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 22, raised $5.5 million its opening weekend.

‘The Chosen’ Director on How He Deals With ‘Toxic,’ Untrue Criticism

“The Chosen” director, Dallas Jenkins, once again addressed the recent controversy surrounding the Season 3 trailer and explained how he responds to criticism that...

Crowd-Funded and -Curated, Family-Friendly Angel Studios Announces $100M in Original Content

"The creators come with their vision and their ideas," says studio CEO Neal Harmon. "And we help them connect to the audience."

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