China Blocks Release of Film Discussing Chinese Cultural Revolution

Angel Studios’ new film, Sight, has been blocked in China due to its discussion of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

The film shared the true story of Dr. Ming Wang, who fled Communist China to become an eye surgeon in the United States.

Wang grew up during China’s cultural revolution.

“This film is resonating with the Chinese, but the Chinese distributors tell us that they can’t touch any film addressing the cultural revolution,” Angel Studios’ Chief Distribution Officer told The Post Millennial.

Geesey told Deadline that the studio is “confident that this story will encourage all who experience it and help spur a movement to help others, and are honored to release the film during Asian Heritage Month.”

The movie’s director, Andrew Hyatt, said the picture carries the “universal themes of hope and endurance will undoubtedly resonate with audiences around the world.”

Hyatt added that his grandmother “grew up in Shanghai and to be able to honor her in some way by telling a story that echoes her own experience is a very special opportunity.”

The Chinese Cultural Revolution was a movement launched by Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong between 1966-1976 that sought to uphold Communism in China.