‘His Only Son’ Christian Film Third at Box Office

“His Only Son,” a film by Angel Studios portraying Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 22, raised $5.5 million its opening weekend.

The film came in third behind “Dungeons & Dragons” and “John Wick: Chapter 4.”

The Angel Guild, a group consisting of about 100,000 people, voted to invest in the film.

Angel Studios then raised $1.235 million from crowdfunding in less than 100 hours.

“It’s an incredible Easter film that ties in Christ and his atonement. Such a beautiful movie,” said Jordan Harmon, president of Angel Studios.

Reporting from The Daily Signal:

[Creator of the film David] Helling said his inspiration for the film traces back almost 15 years, when he was serving with the Marines in Iraq.

“The Lord got hold of my heart and opened my eyes to the truth of his Word, the truth of his Gospel,” he said. “And from that moment on, I could see the people in history, in the biblical narrative, as real people, and I wanted to show others. So, I endeavored from that moment on as a heart cry and as my life’s mission, to illustrate and exposit the biblical narrative through film, and to bring Scripture’s truth from the page to the screen.”