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Sen. McConnell: American Rescue Plan To Blame For Bad Job Numbers

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) recently took a stand against strategies surrounding the coronavirus. In a speech on the Senate floor Monday, the Republican condemned the current policies of Democrats while suggesting they are untimely.

Bill Gates Appears Falling Out Of Favor With Democrat Media

Microsoft founder Bill Gates appears to be falling out of favor with mainstream media amid claims of his ties to sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Biden Admin. Claims Only Small Percentage Of Public Focused On Migrant Crisis

The Biden administration has continued to overlook the surge of illegal immigration at the southern border.

San Diego SCRAPS Plans To Build Tent City For Illegal Immigrants

San Diego County has rescinded its plans to build a so-called “tent city” for illegal immigrants amid public outcry.

President Trump Welcomes N.H. Audit Of 2020 Elections, Praises Patriots For Revealing Truth

President Trump has endorsed the upcoming audit of the 2020 elections in New Hampshire while the state appoints members of the audit team. The 45th president congratulated the citizens of Windham Thursday for their effort to restore the integrity of elections in their state.

‘Democrats Turning America Into Totalitarian Communist State,” Says Attorney Sidney Powell

According to attorney Sidney Powell, the Democrat Party and its corporate allies are turning America into a centralized country.

OAN Obtains Letter From DOJ Trying To Stop Ariz. Audit

There’s breaking news out of Maricopa County, Arizona where Biden administration officials are attempting to insert themselves into the ongoing ballot audit despite lacking the authority to do so.

Ariz. Audit Chief Says Probe Of 2020 Fraud Is Gaining Momentum (Video)

Election audits for the 2020 U.S. election are moving forward despite continued attempts by Democrats to derail the process.

State Dept. Says Multiple U.S. Citizens Killed In Stampede In Israel

The State Department has said multiple U.S. citizens were killed in a stampede at a religious festival in Israel.

Trump Supporter Reveals Northern Calif. Antifa Hit List

A Northern California chapter of Antifa got their plans foiled by a loyal supporter of President Trump.

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