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Senate Advances Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

The Senate passed a procedural vote to advance a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. In a 67-to-32 vote Wednesday, the Senate reached bipartisan support to move forward on the bill after weeks of no progress.

Biden Says Democrats Never Called For Defunding Police, Pushes Gun Control

Joe Biden is shifting blame for the rise in crime across the country while also claiming it’s Republicans that are lying about who’s behind the push to defund America’s police departments.

Senate GOP Blocks Debate On Incomplete Infrastructure Bill

Joe Biden’s promise of unity appears to be nowhere to be seen on Capitol Hill. The two major parties continue to clash on the bipartisan infrastructure deal as Senate Republicans block a vote to open debate on the nearly $1 trillion measure.

Elder Sues Calif. Secy. Of State After He Was Excluded From Recall Ballot Against Gov. Newsom

Radio host Larry Elder is striking back at California’s secretary of state for neglecting to include him on the list of gubernatorial candidates for the special election ballot to recall Democrat Gavin Newsom.

Americans Stage Die-In In Solidarity With Cubans

Hundreds of protestors traveled to Washington, D.C. to demand action from the Biden administration regarding assistance to the Cuban people. Over the weekend, dressed in red paint to appear bloody and donning Cuban flags, protestors gathered first in front of the Cuban Embassy. They then marched to the White House with the intention to take their message straight to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Texas House Speaker Demands Dems Return Home, Requests They Refuse Pay For Time In D.C.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) has put pressure on Texas Democrats to come back home. In a statement released on Thursday, Phelan announced he is chartering a plane to wait for the Democrats in D.C. on Saturday in order to bring them back to Austin.

President Trump: We Will Take Back That Glorious White House

President Trump recently outlined his strategy to take back the reigns of power from the Democrat Party.

CNN: Life Should Be Hard For Unvaccinated Americans

CNN advocated for life to be made difficult for any individual who has made the decision to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine. On Saturday, CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen said incentivizing vaccines should be the top priority of leaders and employees.

Press Secy. Psaki Tries To Justify White House’s Involvement In Sale Of Hunter Biden’s Paintings

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted to justify the administration’s arrangements for Hunter Biden’s art deals. In a press briefing on Friday, Psaki claimed Hunter had the right to pursue an artistic career.

GOP States’ Economies Doing Well Without Federal Unemployment Benefits

The economies of Republican-led states have rebounded into the post-pandemic era as officials moved to end federal unemployment assistance. GOP governors in more than two dozen states decided to end the extra benefits programs early as businesses struggled to hire new employees.

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