China’s Infiltration in American Schools is ‘Almost Everywhere’: National Association of Scholars President

Scholar Peter Wood recently admitted that the infiltration of China in U.S. schools is "almost everywhere."

Chinese Cybersecurity Entities Accuse CIA of Orchestrating Color Revolutions Globally

The Chinese report also claims that the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and cybersecurity firm 360 have discovered Trojan horse programs or plug-ins related to the CIA in recent cyberattacks targeting China.

New Bill Prohibits CCP-Linked Entities From Purchasing U.S. Farmland

The bill requires the CCP to divest ownership of US farmland.

IRS Has ‘Not Yet Finalized’ How Middle Class Will Be Affected by $80 Billion Windfall

A report from the Internal Revenue Service released last week indicated that officials are devoting much of the agency’s recent funding windfall toward audits even as the degree to which the actions will impact everyday taxpayers remains uncertain.

Trump to Ban China from Buying U.S. Farmland If Elected in 2024

Trump to block land ownership that puts our "national security at risk."

‘Police Seize on COVID-19 Pandemic to Expand Global Surveillance’: Associated Press

The Associated Press found that governments around the world used mass surveillance technologies and data during the COVID-19 pandemic for purposes unrelated to the pandemic, including stifling dissent and harassing marginalized communities.

Members of Congress Made Thousands From Campaign Donations Associated With China’s Huawei

46 congressional members have made more than $35,000 from Huawei lobbyists.

Chinese Spies Bribed U.S. Double Agent: DOJ

The Justice Department announced on Monday that two Chinese intelligence operatives have been accused of bribing a U.S. official for information regarding a criminal case against a Chinese-owned telecommunications company.

Biden Eases Regulations on Tech Exports to Chinese Communist Firms

Tony Podesta was paid $1 million to lobby for the change.

Shift in Hiring Patterns Points to Looming Recession for Biden Economy

Despite a July Commerce Department report showing a second consecutive quarter of negative GDP growth — the classic definition of a recession — Biden...

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