Big Tech Companies Agree To Work Together In Internet Freedom Crackdown

Now the ADL will decide whether you get to keep your Paypal account or not.

Vaccinated Pelosi and Biden Aides Test Positive for COVID After Meeting with Infected Texas Dems

Biden spokesperson ludicrously claims the breakthrough cases prove vaccines work.

University Accepts – Then Denies Admission to Student Previously Paralyzed by Vaccine After She Files for Covid Vaccine Medical Exemption

A prospective student eager to start her college career at Brigham Young University-Hawaii was accepted, then subsequently denied admission after submitting a medical exemption to forgo a required Covid-19 vaccination.

House Republicans Send Letter To NSA Demanding Info On Tucker Carlson Spying Claims

Reps demand "A full explanation of when the Agency understands it is lawful to monitor, surveil, collect, unmask, or receive data on a US citizen without a court order."

NYT Fundraises Off of Criticism That Trump Fundraises

The New York Times is fundraising off an article that blasted Donald Trump for fundraising.

White House Says ‘STRIKE FORCES’ Being Sent To Get Kids Vaccinated (Video)

After announcing that the Biden Administration is to begin a door to door vaccination push, the White House Press Secretary used disturbing wording during a briefing, promising to get children vaccinated by sending in “strike forces.”

Just 10,000 Tune In To Biden 4th July Live Stream

That equates to around 0.003% of the population

Rep. Matt Gaetz Calls For Inspector General Probe Into NSA Spying of Tucker Carlson

"It's not like the NSA's never lied to us. We were told that there was no bulk collection of Americans' data. Turns out, there was bulk collection of Americans' data," he says.

Senator Rand Paul Slams Delta Variant ‘Fearmongers’

Describes lockdowns as "the greatest restrictions on our freedoms in a long, long time.”

Daily Beast Journalist Says Normal Life Feels Like a “Horror Movie”

Expresses terror at sight of kids not wearing masks in malls.

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