Judge Allows Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers to Add Durham Report Details to Case

The judge has repeatedly denied the IRS' request for dismissal.

Republicans Who Chose Not to Stand With Biden, McCarthy Debt Ceiling Agreement

Over three dozen House Republicans have decided to not side with Kevin McCarthy and his debt ceiling bill.

Conservatives Blast McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Biden Deal

Many conservatives are furious with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy over his deal with President Biden to raise the debt ceiling.

33% Of BLM Donations Went to Charity

Out of the almost $90 million Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation received from donations, only 33% went to charity organizations.

Second IRS Whistleblower Comes Forward in Biden Probe After Case Investigators Expelled

A second whistleblower involved with the Hunter Biden investigation has come forward following the expulsion of the IRS team leading the probe.

IRS Dissolves Hunter Biden Tax Fraud Investigative Team in Controversial Move Labeled ‘Clearly Retaliatory’ by Whistleblower

Hunter Biden, 53, is currently under scrutiny for allegedly failing to pay taxes on several millions in income, largely sourced from overseas.

At Least 5 Whistleblowers Come Forward Against Biden Family

At least five whistleblowers have come forward against the Biden family claiming wrongdoing in connection with business transactions and coverups.

New Trump Campaign Ad Grieves Current State of America

Trump released a new campaign ad entitled "Mourning in America" that emphasizes the current American failings under Joe Biden.

Watchdog Group Reveals IRS Spent $Millions on Arms Since Pandemic Outset

Spending breakdown includes $2.3 million on duty ammunition, $1.2 million on ballistic shields, and a further $1.3 million on "various other gear for criminal investigation agents."

IRS Expands Armed Tax Agent Force Nationwide with New Funding

This move comes as the Biden administration dedicates $80 billion in new funding to enhance tax law enforcement.

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