Nazi Symbols Found on Ukrainian Military Uniforms: New York Times

These images could potentially support Russian President Vladimir Putin's assertion that Ukraine is a "Nazi state" that therefore needs to be "de-Nazified."

Nonprofit Founder Launches Nearly 10,000 Photos from Hunter Biden’s Laptop Exposed, Including Drugs, Intimate Moments

Founder of nonprofit Marco Polo launches, showcasing nearly 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden's laptop, featuring drugs, intimate moments, and claims of truth and transparency.

New Trump Campaign Ad Grieves Current State of America

Trump released a new campaign ad entitled "Mourning in America" that emphasizes the current American failings under Joe Biden.

Elon Musk Questions Mainstream Allen Mall Shooter Narrative: Could Be a ‘Very Bad Psyop’

"Didn’t the story come from Bellingcat, which literally specializes in psychological operations?" Musk asked.

Transgender Activist Announces Smirnoff Partnership, Company Denies Sponsorship

A transgender woman and drag queen appeared to promote a partnership with Smirnoff, but the vodka company is denying any current deal with the activist.

World Wealth Manager, WEF Partner BlackRock Increased Stake in Fox Corp Two Months Before Tucker Carlson Ouster

In February 2023, BlackRock announced that it had increased its investments in Class A Fox Corporation stock to 15%.

Elementary School Assistant and Mom to 11-Year-Old Drag Queen Sentenced To Nearly One Year in Prison For Child Sex Crimes

A self-proclaimed "drag mom" and former assistant at an elementary school in Oregon will spend nearly a year in prison after being found guilty of 11 felony child sex crimes.

University Of Arizona Students Egg Pro-Life Activists With Display Of Aborted Babies

Students at the University of Arizona were caught on camera Wednesday throwing eggs at anti-abortion activists and their graphic display featuring images of aborted babies.

Officers Who Took Down ‘Transgender’ Nashville Shooter Identified

The officers who took down the transgender attacker responsible for the deadly shooting in Nashville Monday have been identified.

28-Year-Old Transgender Shooter Kills 6, Including 3 Children, 3 School Staff at Nashville Christian School: Shooter Dead

Four people, including the transgender shooter (28), have died in an active shooter situation at a school in Green Hills, Tennessee.

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