FBI Sent to Residence of Nurse Exposing Child Gender Transition Program

FBI agents appeared at the house of a nurse who blew the whistle on a child gender transition program at Texas Children's Hospital, according to a report by Chris Rufo in the City Journal.

United States to Play Major Role in Gaza Stabilization with Appointed Adviser

The Biden administration is considering appointing a U.S. official as the top civilian adviser to a predominantly Palestinian force once the Israel-Hamas conflict ends,...

Barge Crash Leads to Oil Spill, Closure of Bridge to Texas Island

A barge collision with a bridge pillar in Galveston, Texas, caused an oil spill and closed the only road to Pelican Island, home to...

Accusations Mount Against Biden Administration Over Gaza Famine Response

Joe Biden and his administration are facing accusations of complicity in enabling a famine in Gaza by failing to take sufficient action despite warnings...

Leaked Email Shows Pfizer Gave ‘Separate’ Vaccine to Employees

A Pfizer whistleblower revealed that employees were given a "separate and distinct" COVID-19 vaccine than the general public.

Secret Recording Shows Democrat Gov. Bashing Border Patrol for Seizing Drugs

A secret recording was leaked this week revealing New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham criticizing Border Patrol agents for seizing drugs.

‘Patriots’ Day’: American Minute with Bill Federer

The sun never set on the British Empire. It was the largest empire in world history. Out of nearly 200 countries in the world, only 22 were...

Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixeira Enters Plea Deal, Faces More Than 16 Years in Prison

Jack Teixeira, the Pentagon leaker whose actions constitute one of the most significant national security breaches in years, entered a plea deal on Monday...

Catherine Herridge Held in Contempt After Refusing to Reveal Source

Reporter Catherine Herridge is being held in contempt after refusing to expose a confidential source.

Robin DiAngelo Addresses ‘White Fragility’ at Mitre Corporation’s Diversity Event

A memo obtained by The Daily Wire reveals that The Mitre Corporation, a federal contractor that has received over $5 billion in taxpayer dollars...

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