Autopsy Reveals COVID Vax Likely Cause of Death

New autopsy report finds three people who died suddenly at home with no pre-existing disease after receiving COVID-19 shot were likely killed by the drug, while two deaths further deaths were found to be possibly due to the jab.

Tennessee High School Basketball Player Out for Season Due to Blood Clots in Lungs

Senior center basketball player for the Tennessee Lady Vols, Tamari Key, has been sidelined for the season because of blood clots.

Surgeon Made Baby’s ‘Guardian’ So Vaxxed Blood Can Be Used in Surgery

New Zealand judge takes away rights from parents of baby in need of surgery, gives them to surgeon and physician wanting to use blood from COVID-19 vaccinated donors during procedure.

Nonprofit Blood Donation Service Starts Matching Unvaxxed Patients With Donors

Swiss naturopathic physician George Della Pietra believes people worldwide should be free to choose whether to get a COVID-19 vaccine injection or not. He believes...

Brazil Is a Western Nation: It’s Time Europe and the United States Remembered That

Not born but begotten from the blood of conquerors and missionaries, Brazil shares more than just common ancestry with its Western partners.

FDA to Relax Restrictions on LGBTQ Men Donating Blood

The changes will apply to gay and bisexual men.

Musk Says This Is ‘What Really Happened’ When Twitter Suppressed the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Author Matt Taibbi posted the story in a long Twitter thread.

The Blue City Murder Problem

Recently, some on the Left have tried to advance their arguments by claiming that rising crime rates are due to policies pursued by red states.

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