‘Banning Abortion Must Be the First Initiative of Any Ruler Who Wants To Oppose the New World Order’: Archbishop Vigano

In a sermon from September 11, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote that ending abortion is critical to stopping the globalist New World Order.

Thousands Killed in Libya After Dams Collapse From Rain

Over 5,000 people were killed in Libya after two dams collapsed following severe rain.

Ancient Steps to the Miraculous Pool of Siloam Uncovered in Israel

In a stunning archaeological discovery, the steps leading to the Pool of Siloam, where according to Christian scripture, Jesus healed a blind man, have been unveiled.

Virginia Governor Pardons Father Who Protested School Board That Covered Up Daughter’s Sexual Assault

Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) pardoned a father over the weekend for being wrongfully convicted for defending his daughter's sexual assault by a "gender-fluid" boy at school.

LGBT Activists Occupy House Speaker’s Office to Demand Support for AIDS Program

LGBT activists entered House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R) office to demand that Republicans support an AIDS program called PEPFAR.

Tucker Carlson Interviews Man Who Claims To Have Had Sexual Encounter With Obama Before Presidency

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed a man who claimed that he used drugs and had sexual relations with Barack Obama.

Suspect Arrested for New York Stabbing Is Illegal Immigrant

A man who was arrested in a case related to a New York stabbing is an illegal immigrant.

West Nile Virus Cases Explode Across U.S. After Mosquitos Released via Bill Gates-Funded Project Approved by EPA

In November 2017, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that MosquitoMate, Inc. had submitted plans to infect live male mosquitoes with a bacteria called "Wolbachia pipientis," which enhances WNV infection.

Ramaswamy’s Presidential Run: A Game of Smoke and Mirrors? (Opinion)

Vivek's company is owned by BlackRock, the same asset manager he demonizes.

Prominent Surgeon Alleges Joe Biden Underwent Cosmetic Surgeries (Video)

Surgeon says Biden might have had a hair transplant, deducing from the “unnaturalness of the hairline” and the manner of grafting.

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