Jim Caviezel

‘Sound of Freedom’ Ranks Top Ten in 2023 Box Office

The film "Sound of Freedom" beat Taylor Swift's "The Eras Tour" in the top ten domestic box office for 2023.

Far-Left Outlet Alleges Tim Ballard Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is distancing itself from Ballard's alleged "morally unacceptable" behavior.

McCarthy to Host ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is hosting a screening of "Sound of Freedom."

Trump Vows Death Penalty for Child Traffickers After Hosting ‘Sound of Freedom’ Viewing (Video)

Trump's pledge came after he hosted a viewing of the anti-human trafficking film, Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel.

Trump to Go After Human Traffickers as ‘New Moses’: Jim Caviezel

Caviezel said Trump has "got to be" in the White House.

Human-Trafficking Awareness Film ‘Sound of Freedom’ Criticized by Liberal Media Outlets

Multiple left-wing outlets have criticized the new film shedding light on the realities of human trafficking as a "QAnon-adjacent" and "fit for QAnon" movie.

Child Trafficking Film ‘Sound of Freedom’ Beats ‘Indiana Jones’ at Box-Office

Sound of Freedom beats Indiana Jones by millions of dollars.

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