Trump Vows Death Penalty for Child Traffickers After Hosting ‘Sound of Freedom’ Viewing (Video)

Originally published July 21, 2023 4:00 pm PDT

Former President Donald Trump has pledged to introduce the death penalty for those found guilty of child trafficking if he returns to the Oval Office for a second term.

Trump’s pledge came after he hosted a viewing of the anti-human trafficking film, Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel.

The film, presented at Bedminster, New Jersey, tells the true story of Tim Ballard, a federal agent who committed his life to rescuing children from human trafficking.

In attendance at the screening were filmmaker Eduardo Verástegui and lead actor Jim Caviezel, both of whom had a personal meeting with Trump.

Verástegui, a member of Trump’s Advisory Commission on Hispanic Prosperity, accentuated the significance of collective efforts to root out this grave evil of child trafficking.

In a conversation on Fox, Caviezel commended Trump as “the new Moses,” advocating that Trump’s return to the office is essential as he would actively combat the traffickers.

Trump made his intentions clear in a video released on Friday, vowing to rectify the issues at the border currently being mishandled under the Biden administration.

“When I’m back in the White House,” he said, “I will immediately end the Biden border nightmare that traffickers are using to exploit vulnerable women and children. We will fully secure the border.”

The former President also promised to employ Title 42 to mitigate the crisis of child trafficking.

He would ensure the return of all trafficked children to their families in their home countries promptly.

He further stated, “I will urge Congress to ensure that anyone caught trafficking children across our border receives the death penalty immediately and that includes also for women, because women as you know are number one in trafficking. Children are actually number two.”

Title 42, which was lifted under the Biden administration, previously required asylum seekers to wait in Mexico during their application process.

Once this restriction was removed, there was a significant increase in immigration, with asylum seekers establishing lives and acquiring working visas in the U.S. long before their cases were even heard.

During his tenure, Trump was recognized for his aggressive approach against trafficking and drug cartels, a contrast to the more lenient border policies under Biden.

He further stated that he would resume his fight against these criminal networks if he is successful in the 2024 election.

In a testament to his commitment, he mentioned his previous initiatives: “In one of my first acts in office, I signed an executive order targeting transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit innocent people. I signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act, authorizing $430 million to fight sex and labor trafficking.”