Human-Trafficking Awareness Film ‘Sound of Freedom’ Criticized by Liberal Media Outlets

Multiple left-wing outlets have criticized the new film shedding light on the realities of human trafficking as a “QAnon-adjacent” and “fit for QAnon” movie.

“Sound of Freedom” which was based on the true story of a U.S. Homeland Security agent rescuing two young children from human traffickers in South America, has been accused of ties to QAnon, a far-right community that has been accused of buying into conspiracy theories.

“But for a fleeting moment this past Fourth of July, while the intended audience of Indy’s latest outing was presumably spending time with their families and friends at barbecues or in other social situations, an unoccupied fandom rallied by the star Jim Caviezel claimed the day with a $14.2m gross versus Dial of Destiny’s $11.7m,” liberal news outlet The Guardian wrote.

“No matter that these figures require selective, almost willfully misleading framing to allow for the David-and-Goliath narrative trumpeted by supporters; as the copious tweets accusing Disney of being in cahoots with a global cabal of high-power pedophiles make clear, the truth doesn’t have too much purchase around these parts.”

From Fox News:

Jezebel’s piece on the film called it "an Anti-Child Trafficking Fantasy Fit for QAnon" and claimed, "At last, QAnon’s camp appeal gets the cinematic exploration it demands."

Granted the article did acknowledge that "The exploitation of children is a real problem that no one (besides the exploiters) wants." It added that the real-life Tim Ballard, the DHS agent played by Caviezel, "has testified at a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee and shared footage of the sting operation portrayed in Sound of Freedom with the media (some of that footage also plays during the final moments of the movie)."