Biden Admin Officials Had Roles in Probes, Surveillance of Trump Campaign

As Joe Biden constructs his new administration, individuals from the Obama administration are quietly resurfacing in positions of power. Some of these people are well known, others lesser so. But they all played critical roles at various times during the Obama administration.

Trump sends GOP a cease-and-desist letter against using his name, and the party fires back a defiant response

RNC wants to continue using Trump's name to raise campaign funds

12 Republican AGs sue Biden over climate executive order

States allege administration lacks authority to assess 'social cost of greenhouse gases'

Democrat Bill Would Stop Future Presidents Lowering Refugee Intake Quota

House Democrats introduced a bill that would prevent any future president from lowering the cap for refugee admissions below 125,000.

Biden Orders Creation of Gender Policy Council (explainer)

The co-author of The Boy Crisis says the Biden-Harris administration’s plan for a White House Gender Policy Council is both “sexist and racist.”

DHS begs for volunteers to rush to the border, admits surge of migrants is ‘overwhelming’

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas begged Monday for volunteers from agencies within his department to rush to the border to help with an “overwhelming” surge of illegal immigrants.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Trump’s Last Remaining Election Challenge

The Supreme Court dismissed former President Donald Trump’s final remaining challenge to the 2020 presidential election results this morning, a lawsuit challenging the results in the state of Wisconsin.

New Biden Executive Order Increases Voting by Criminals

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Sunday designed in part to increase voting and voter registration access for criminals in prison and on probation, according to the White House.

Newsom recall effort surpasses 1.9M signatures in California

The petition needs just shy of 1.5 million verified signatures

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