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Anna Khait, playing in the political game to fight Marxism

Anna Khait describes her journey from escaping communist Russia to becoming a professional poker player and contestant on Survivor to undercover operative for Project Veritas. Hear how the Lord radically changed her life and led her on a path to fight against Marxism in America.

Beating Covid-19 with Dr. Richard Bartlett

Dr. Richard Bartlett shares his testimony of how God helped him discover a promising Covid-19 treatment in the early days of the pandemic and the criticism that followed.

Freedom Over Fear

Two Iowa "mama bears" discuss how they won the fight in banning masks in Iowa schools and their journey to empower other families in the fight to unmask kids across America.

Sean Feucht and the Road to Revival

Christian worship leader, political activist, and revivalist, Sean Feucht talks about how he is taking his message of freedom to the streets of America and how you can get involved.

The Fight for Election Integrity with Mike Lindell

Election Integrity is one of the biggest issues in America today, and the stakes have never been higher. Mike Lindell gives us an update on his pioneering efforts to uncover what happened in the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Redemption Story of Roger Stone

As the 40+ year confidant and political advisor to Donald Trump, Roger Stone has many stories to tell. In this interview, we hear his most compelling one yet; how he found salvation during one of the most challenging times of his life.

Patrick Byrne, an American Hero

Former CEO of and partner with General Flynn on The America Project, Patrick talks about today’s top issues and his fight to help restore the integrity of our republic.

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