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Robert Spencer Deconstructs Islam

“A thorough review of the historical records provides startling indications that much, if not all, of what we know about Muhammad is legend, not historical fact,” writes Robert Spencer in his new edition of Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins. Therein this bestselling author, scholar, and world-renowned “Islamophobe” details numerous factual, fatal objections to the received faith-based narrative of Islam’s founding by a prophet named Muhammad.

John Cleese challenges ‘woke’ generation about cancel culture in new show

Legendary British comedian John Cleese is sick of cancel culture. The "Monty Python" star has a new documentary series called "Cancel Me," where he questions...

Wendy Rogers, Doug Mastriano, Teddy Daniels Demand Maricopa-Style 2020 Audit In Pennsylvania

"We're not just doing this for 2022, we need to find out what happened in 2020"

America Still Values Free Speech: ‘People Are Too Easily Offended’

New poll shows more than half of Americans feel that the general public is "too sensitive" when it comes to speech.

U.S. Navy Focuses More On Wokeness than War: Congressional Report

A GOP congressional committee found that the Navy’s top brass is more concerned about political correctness and diversity training than it is about fighting winning wars.

Trump Reportedly Hit With $22 Mln Lawsuit for Calling COVID ‘China Virus’ and ‘Kung Flu’

Ex-US President Donald Trump has repeatedly said that he uses the term because the coronavirus "comes from China", something that Beijing rejects.

Trump: ‘Politically Correct Supreme Court’ Will Get What It Deserves If Court Is Expanded

Former President Donald Trump reacted to White House plans to create a commission that would, among other proposals, study potentially expanding the Supreme Court.

The dangerous cult of neo-segregation

"The racial messaging is loud and clear: if you’re not the right hue, there’s obviously something wrong with you."

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