Capitol Police Interrupt Children’s Choir Singing National Anthem in Statuary Hall (Watch)

Capitol police recently halted a children’s choir from performing the National Anthem within the confines of Statuary Hall.

Republicans are weighing in on the incident.

The Rushingbrook Children’s Choir was partway through a rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” when Capitol police intervened, citing potential offenses or issues that could arise.

No further details on who might be offended or what specific issues could potentially result from the performance were provided by the Capitol police.

The incident has ignited pushback from the GOP on the significance and respect accorded to the National Anthem, the role of children in displaying patriotism, and the ongoing discourse about political correctness within the United States.

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia condemned the actions of the Capitol police, calling attention to the perceived incongruity of the National Anthem being considered offensive.

“Rushingbrook Children’s Choir were singing the National Anthem in the Capitol and were stopped by Capitol police. They were told that ‘certain Capitol police said it might offend someone/cause issues,'” Greene said in a statement.

“The National Anthem sung by children is not offensive, it’s needed more.”

Adding his voice to the conversation, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas also challenged the Capitol police’s action.

He underlined the importance of the National Anthem and supported the students’ right to sing it.

“There shouldn’t be confusion about whether our national anthem is potentially offensive, or whether it is inappropriate for children to sing it in the Capitol,” said Cruz.

“We should welcome these students to perform and share their gifts anytime, anywhere.”

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) tweeted: “HORRIBLE! Why were children stopped from singing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM in our Capitol? This is a grave violation of their free speech rights. Capitol Police have no business deciding what speech is ok!”

The Capitol police have yet to issue a formal statement explaining their decision.

Statuary Hall, situated in the United States Capitol, serves as a distinguished chamber dedicated to housing sculptures of notable American figures.

This grand space is a sizable two-story semicircular room, accompanied by a gallery on the second floor that gracefully follows the curved perimeter.

Positioned just south of the Rotunda, it holds a prominent place within the Capitol’s architectural ensemble.