Biden’s Transgender Proclamation a ‘Serious Offense to God’: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released a statement condemning President Joe Biden’s proclamation on Easter celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility.

He called Biden’s proclamation “scandalous” and criticized Biden’s alleged Catholic faith.

“The unprecedented and scandalous proclamation of March 31 as ‘Transgender Visibility Day’ by self-styled U.S. President Joe Biden — who dares to declare himself a Catholic — constitutes a most serious offense to God and to millions of Catholics and Christians in America and around the world, before which it is impossible not to react with due firmness,” the archbishop’s statement read.

Archbishop Viganò urged Americans and government leaders to “recognize the total unworthiness of Joe Biden to hold an institutional position, which it is well known that he used fraudulent and manipulative action to achieve in the 2020 Presidential Election.”

Biden’s action is reason for excommunication, Archbishop Viganò explained.

“I ask my Brethren in the Episcopate and priests to recognize that Joe Biden has incurred latæ sententiæ excommunication, and as such must be expelled from the churches and not admitted to Communion,” he wrote.

“Christians are progressively banished from civil society and considered a threat to the subversive project of the New World Order, while a minority of the vicious and perverted claim to erect their deviations as the universal norm,” the archbishop added. “Here is the ‘visibility’ of Biden and the woke ideology, celebrating a macabre mad dance to the abyss.”

Archbishop Viganò has been outspoken against the leftist agenda.

In a September 11, 2023 message, the Catholic leader said abortion is a pillar of globalist thought.

“They do not call it abortion: they call it ‘reproductive health,’ ‘terminated pregnancy.’ It is the obligation imposed by political correctness with its Orwellian Newspeak,” he said.

“This has been openly confessed by one of the ideologues of globalist thought, Yuval Noah Harari: Jewish, homosexual, ‘married’ to a man, vegan, a theorist of a transhuman and Luciferian religion that erases God from the human horizon and allows the tyrants of the New World Order to take His place in deciding what is right and what is not, who must live and who must die, who can travel and who cannot, how much each of us can spend, how much carbon dioxide one can produce, if and how many children one can have and from whom he must buy them, after slaughtering his own by sucking their brains out or tearing them to pieces before leaving the womb,” he added,

In a 2022 letter to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF), Archbishop Vigano characterized COVID-19 vaccine campaigns as “criminal” and stemming from a “globalist vulgate.”

The archbishop also accused the Vatican of towing this globalist vaccine agenda “without taking even the slightest account of the serious critiques of the so-called vaccines.”