‘Banning Abortion Must Be the First Initiative of Any Ruler Who Wants To Oppose the New World Order’: Archbishop Vigano

In a sermon from September 11, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote that ending abortion is critical to stopping the globalist New World Order.

“They do not call it abortion: they call it ‘reproductive health,’ ‘terminated pregnancy.’ It is the obligation imposed by political correctness with its Orwellian Newspeak,” the Archbishop said.

He added, “The reason for this hatred for the lives of others by the elite is not the result of a utilitarian mentality; the ‘throwaway culture’ evoked by ‘someone’ is not due to the Triumph of Death, which has been defeated forever by the Lord of Life. It is rather caused by the satanic delirium of wanting to take the place of God, after having denied and betrayed Him.”

“This has been openly confessed by one of the ideologues of globalist thought, Yuval Noah Harari: Jewish, homosexual, ‘married’ to a man, vegan, a theorist of a transhuman and Luciferian religion that erases God from the human horizon and allows the tyrants of the New World Order to take His place in deciding what is right and what is not, who must live and who must die, who can travel and who cannot, how much each of us can spend, how much carbon dioxide one can produce, if and how many children one can have and from whom he must buy them, after slaughtering his own by sucking their brains out or tearing them to pieces before leaving the womb.”

He noted that nations that were once considered to be Christian have now “apostatized from the Faith.”

Archbishop Vigano pointed to biblical commandments as being the ultimate authority for morality, stating, “No human law can ever trample on the divine and natural Law, which commands: Thou shalt not kill.”

“No nation can hope for prosperity and harmony as long as it allows this daily massacre accompanied by the complicit silence of politicians who call themselves ‘Catholics’ but who contradict the Gospel by approving iniquitous laws. Banning abortion must be the first initiative of any ruler who wants to oppose the New World Order subservient to Satan. Fighting for this must be an imperative commitment of every Catholic worthy of Baptism.”

Reporting from LifeSite News:

"Abortion is a horrendous crime because beyond depriving the child of earthly life, it also deprives the child of the beatific vision, destining him for limbo, because he is deprived of the grace of Baptism. Abortion is a horrendous crime because it seeks to snatch from God the souls He desired to exist, whom He created and loved, and for whom He offered His life on the Cross. Abortion is a horrendous crime because it makes the mother believe that it is licit to kill the creature she ought to defend most of all, even at the cost of her own life; and with this crime that mother becomes an assassin, and if she does not repent she condemns herself to eternal damnation, very often living also in her daily life the most excruciating remorse. Abortion is a horrendous crime because it attacks the innocent precisely because of his innocence, recalling the ritual murders of children committed in the sects of yesterday and today. We know well that the globalist cabal is bound by the pactum sceleris of pedophilia and other horrendous crimes, and that members of power, high finance, entertainment, and information are bound to that pact."