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Christians Seriously Injured in Mob Assault on House Church

In foul language as they beat them, the approximately 30 tribal animists told the resident Christians to leave the village and ordered the visitors to never return, the pastor said.

Report: Biden’s Woke Pentagon Considers Scrapping Gender-Neutral Fitness Test After Disastrous Results

A physical fitness test hailed by the Army as gender-neutral has produced, according to documents obtained by Democrat senators, a 65 percent fail rate for women and a 10 percent fail rate for men.

‘Biden Should Be Ashamed’: GOP Says Border Crisis Feeding Child Sex Trafficking

The migrant surge is boosting the smuggling of children for forced labor and sexual exploitation, converting the border into a “huge market” for “child sex trafficking,” Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL) said this week.

Advocates for sexual abuse survivors blast Grammys’ promotion of prostitution, porn culture

A major television watchdog group and an anti-porn organization that advocates for sexual abuse survivors are pushing back against the Grammys for featuring sexually explicit content during prime-time viewing hours and normalizing prostitution and porn culture.

A carbon tax is an awful idea

Most people aren't going to like paying more to fill up their tanks.

GOP Rep. Burgess Owens Rips Democratic Gun-Control Bills on House Floor

Freshman GOP Rep. Burgess Owens of Utah, a former NFL star safety, trashed new Democratic anti-gun legislation for eliciting memories of anti-gun laws in the Jim Crow south and for suppressing Constitutional liberties while speaking on the House floor Wednesday.

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