Professor Links Increased All-Cause Mortality Risk with Childhood Vaccines

Global Health professor at the University of Southern Denmark Christine Stabell Benn revealed that the increase in all-cause mortality is linked to childhood vaccines.

Some inoculations result in the child being susceptible to other vaccines, allowing other illnesses to affect the body.

“Really what I want to emphasize, which is a surprise to most people, is that none of the routine childhood vaccines were introduced following studies that have shown that they have impacted all-cause mortality,” Stabell Benn said.

The statement means that the “system for testing vaccines is set up based on our current or ‘the current’ understanding of vaccines that they only work against the vaccine disease,” she explained.

Stabell Benn noted that the vaccine system is “not set up to manage if the vaccine could actually affect the risk of dying from other infections, other diseases.”

“None of the routine childhood vaccines were investigated prior to their introduction for their effect on mortality, and nobody bothered to investigate it,” the professor continued.

“We actually saw and can show repeatedly for some of these vaccines that children who received them, particularly for reasons we don’t really understand yet, girls who received these vaccines even though they’re protected against sometimes deadly diseases, their all-cause mortality is higher than girls who haven’t been vaccinated yet.”

While vaccines are intended to protect against “severe diseases,” Stabell Benn said, they also “seem to increase the susceptibility to other infections.”

Last year, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK Jr.) revealed to NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas that the U.S. government has admitted that there are no records of pre-licensing safety data for any childhood vaccine.

The 2024 presidential contender said that no vaccine “has ever been subject to a pre-licensing placebo-controlled trial.”

He stated: “Of the 72 vaccine doses now mandated essentially mandated—they recommended, but they’re really mandated for American children—none of them, not one, has ever been subject to a pre-licensing placebo-controlled trial.”

“So I met with Dr. Fauci in 2016. And I agreed to go on Trump’s vaccine safety commission,” he continued. “We said to [Fauci], ‘Can you show us one test from any vaccine pre-licensing safety tests?’ And he said, ‘I’ll send it to you. I can’t find one now.’”

“He never did,” Kennedy said. “So we sued him,” adding, “And after a year of litigation and stonewalling, they said that they could not provide a single safety study for any vaccine that is on the childhood schedule—pre-licensing safety study.”

“What I’ve said is [that] other medicines are required to [provide pre-licensing safety testing], and we should have to do that for vaccines. If I’m wrong, show me the test, show me the study. You won’t be able to because there are none.”