US Condemns China at UN Rights Forum for Abuse of Uyghurs, Tibetans

GENEVA—The United States on Friday condemned China’s abuse of ethnic and religious minorities, including what it called “crimes against humanity and genocide” in Xinjiang against Muslim Uyghurs and severe restrictions in Tibet.

Democrat ‘Background Checks Act’ Makes It EASIER For Illegal Immigrants To Get Guns, Restricts Americans’ 2A Rights

The bill was passed with Republican support this week and currently awaits a vote in the Democrat-controlled Senate

Translator of Biden’s inauguration poem says he was kicked off project because he’s not black & female

A Catalan translator says his translation of a poem recited at the President Joe Biden’s inauguration was shelved after he was told that, being a white male, he had the wrong ‘profile’ to translate a black female poet.

WaPo Admits Biden’s Border Crisis “Is Out Of Control”; Mexico says Biden ‘creating business for organized crime’

Writing in the Washington Post, CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria admits Joe Biden’s border crisis and the wider issues with asylum in America are “out of control.”

Mississippi gov. signs law prohibiting biological males from competing in girls’ sports

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeve has signed into law a measure that, among other things, prohibits biological males from competing in girls' and women’s sports.

Editor of prestigious medical journal fired for denying that structural racism exists in medicine

'Many of us are offended by the concept that we are racist'

Meghan Markle Said Palace Confiscated Passport, But She Took 13 Trips

"It’s unthinkable she didn’t carry it for personal and private trips..."

Amazon Vows to Continue Censoring Books Questioning Transgenderism

Amazon has declared its intent to continue banning books that argue against the reigning progressive narrative on LGBT issues.

South Dakota passes bill banning transgender athletes in women’s and girls’ sport

Gov. Kristi Noem says she will sign legislation passed by the South Dakota legislature banning transgender athletes from participating in women’s and girls’ sports, becoming the latest state approving similar bills to outlaw such competition.​

Feminist Jill Filipovic Trashes Stay-At-Home Moms: Unambitious, Bad Example For Kids

Feminist Jill Filipovic criticized stay-at-home mothers in a lengthy Twitter thread on Thursday, suggesting they are unambitious and a bad example for children.

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