FREE SPEECH: Texas GOP Stands With Gab Against Abbott, Refuses To ‘Deplatform’ Their Gab Account

TX GOP comes out against Governor Greg Abbott and GOP Vice Chair Cat Parks who demanded censorship.

Watch: Antifa Sets Fire to Federal Courthouse in Portland

No MSM coverage of far left protesters violently confronting federal police.

US Condemns China at UN Rights Forum for Abuse of Uyghurs, Tibetans

GENEVA—The United States on Friday condemned China’s abuse of ethnic and religious minorities, including what it called “crimes against humanity and genocide” in Xinjiang against Muslim Uyghurs and severe restrictions in Tibet.

Meghan Markle Said Palace Confiscated Passport, But She Took 13 Trips

"It’s unthinkable she didn’t carry it for personal and private trips..."

Amazon Vows to Continue Censoring Books Questioning Transgenderism

Amazon has declared its intent to continue banning books that argue against the reigning progressive narrative on LGBT issues.

South Dakota passes bill banning transgender athletes in women’s and girls’ sport

Gov. Kristi Noem says she will sign legislation passed by the South Dakota legislature banning transgender athletes from participating in women’s and girls’ sports, becoming the latest state approving similar bills to outlaw such competition.​

Majority of New York congressional Democrats call on Cuomo to resign

12 House Democrats from New York — including the chairs of the powerful Oversight Committee and Judiciary Committee — issued statements within minutes of each other on Friday calling for New York Gov.

Manhattan DA investigating Trump finances says he won’t seek reelection

The crusading Manhattan district attorney who is investigating former President Donald Trump’s finances said Friday he will not seek reelection for a fourth term.

These Seven States Have Dropped All Covid-19 Restrictions

Oklahoma became the latest to lift virtually all Covid-19 restrictions on Thursday, bringing the total number of states that have chosen to fully reopen—despite warnings from public health officials—to seven, with a number of others also moving in that direction.

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