Dr. Scott Jensen’s Lawsuit to Counter ‘Weaponization’ of Medical Boards (Watch)

"You could be a hairstylist. And if you have to have your place of business inspected annually or semi-annually, you are potentially going to be exposed to the weaponization of that permitting agency," says Dr. Jensen.

Target Holds ‘Emergency Meeting’ After LGBTQ, Satanic Merchandise Backlash, Boycott Threat

In an attempt to prevent what insiders have dubbed a "Bud Light situation."

Kari Lake Announces Largest ‘Ballot Chasing Operation’ in State History (Watch)

In a Tuesday press conference, Kari Lake made a series of impassioned statements while announcing the launch of what she characterized as "the largest, most extensive ballot chasing operation in our state's history, and frankly, possibly in American history."

LifeWise Academy Integrates Biblical Education in Public Schools

“If we didn’t have LifeWise offered, we wouldn’t be regularly going to church and making God the center of our house," said one mother.

World Health Organization ‘Should Be Declared a Terrorist Organization’: Croatian European Parliament Member

Because of "the damage it has caused and the lies it has spread," says MEP Kolakušić.

Gaetz Calls Out DoD for Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Divisive Drag Shows

Congressman Matt Gaetz demands answers from the Department of Defense over the alleged use of taxpayer funds for divisive drag events on military installations.

Crime in Seattle So Bad Postal Service Forced to Pause Deliveries in Certain Areas

Mail theft in an area of Seattle has gotten so out of hand that the U.S. Postal Service has temporarily paused deliveries to the zip code. 

PetSmart Celebrates ‘Pride with Your Pet’

Pet company PetsMart is urging pet owners to “celebrate pride with your pet” as pride month is set to take place in a few weeks. 

FBI Whistleblowers Describe Agency Retaliation Over Jan 6 Information

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) questioned several Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) whistleblowers regarding the FBI's actions surrounding the January 6 Capitol riot.

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