State Department Incorporates Pronouns in Employee Email Addresses

The State Department added pronouns to employees' email address lines, inaccurately describing some men and women.

The Peace Candidate Versus the Freedom Candidate in the Republican Presidential Primary

"Do these candidates really mean it? Will they deliver on their promises once in office?"

New York City to Monitor Citizens’ Food Purchases

The move is part of an initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

IRS Dissolves Hunter Biden Tax Fraud Investigative Team in Controversial Move Labeled ‘Clearly Retaliatory’ by Whistleblower

Hunter Biden, 53, is currently under scrutiny for allegedly failing to pay taxes on several millions in income, largely sourced from overseas.

Department of Public Health In El Paso Warns of Outbreaks of Chickenpox and Other Diseases Due to Influx of Illegals

Earlier this week members of the El Paso police told Republican Congressman Tony Gonzales that there had been multiple reports of illness among the illegal immigrants coming into El Paso, Texas, The Gateway Pundit reported.

Twitter’s New CEO Releases First Statement About Taking Over Company

New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino released her first statement over the weekend about replacing Elon Musk as he prepares to shift his role to executive chairman and chief technology officer.

Italians See Their Wealth Plummet as Italian Leaders Promise Military and Other Aid to Ukraine

Despite political differences within her coalition over their stance on Russia and Italian taxpayers' financial woes, Premier Giorgia Meloni has unwaveringly advocated for military aid and other assistance for Ukraine.

Gov DeSantis Signs Bills Safeguarding Personal Finances and Privacy, Restricting Use of Central Bank Digital Currency, Credit Card Monitoring

Bill "prohibits foreign-issued CBDC to protect consumers against globalist efforts to adopt a worldwide digital currency."

GOP Lawmakers Demand Answers After Two Die During NIH Sex-Change Study

GOP lawmakers are demanding information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) after two youths participating in a sex-change study committed suicide.

Leaked DHS Documents Raise Concerns of Gov’t Tactics Targeting Conservative Americans

An internal memo, dated January 29, 2021, outlines a program that appears to profile certain political views.

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