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Ukraine Bans Opposition Party, Seizes Assets

Ukrainian court takes property and funds from opposing political party.

‘Largest Ever’ 32-Mile Long Caravan of 15,000 Migrants Headed to Already ‘Overwhelmed’ U.S. Border From Mexico

Border Patrol agents facing "one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world right now" as Biden threatens to end Title 42.

Zelenskyy Signals Donbas Could Soon Fall: ‘Indescribably Difficult’ Russian Onslaught

Admission comes just a week after Biden and Congress sent $40 billion to Ukraine.

Texas School Shooting: Salvador Ramos Killed Victims in Single Classroom

19 children and two teachers massacred at a South Texas elementary school were in a single fourth-grade classroom.

WEF Speaker Brags About Technology to Track Our ‘Carbon Footprint’

Canadian technology exec bragged to world leaders about monitoring the public.

Russia Likens Zelensky to Hitler as Mariupol Says Russia Worse Than Nazis

One day after the mayor of Mariupol said Russia's slaying of residents in his city is twice as bad as World War II Nazis, the Russian foreign minister compared Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to Adolf Hitler.

White House Plans to ‘Vaccinate the World’

Virtual meeting between U.S., Germany, Belize, Indonesia, Senegal aimed at "ending the acute phase" of the coronavirus pandemic, White House says.

Associated Press Calls Out Biden for Describing Russian Invasion of Ukraine ‘Genocide’: Not ‘Just Another Strong Word’

The Associated Press took a rare swipe at President Joe Biden over his characterization of Russia’s war on Ukraine as “genocide,” joining a chorus of world leaders uncomfortable with using a term that has international implications.

Biden Won’t Go to Ukraine

Psaki says "we are not sending the President to Ukraine."

Macron Refuses to Call Russian Atrocities in Ukraine ‘Genocide’

French President Emmanuel Macron has sparked fury after publicly refusing to follow in the footsteps of other European leaders in calling the Russian atrocities committed in Ukrainian towns such as Bucha “genocide.”

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