Swedish ‘Climate Activist’ Greta Thunberg Deletes 2018 Tweet Claiming The World Would End in 2023

In 2018, Swedish conspiracy theorist and professional climate rage actor Greta Thunberg shared a tweet declaring the world would end in 2023 because “science.”

Thunberg tweeted, “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all of humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”

And yet, here we are.

Thunberg quietly deleted the 2018 tweet, but not before Twitter uses caught her.

Thunberg has made a career in dramatic climate theater acting.   The Gateway Pundit reported on her recent “arrest” for protesting open-pit coal mining in Lützerath, Germany, as world media breathlessly recounted. The videos that emerged  show overdramatized made for tv stunt. 

She was detained again by German authorities for protesting yet another new coal mine.

Thunberg is notoriously hypocritical when it comes to addressing energy use within the climate change conversation. Although she launched a new book in November where she declared her intention to “overthrow” the allegedly “oppressive” and “racist” capitalist system, she loves rubbing elbows with the elites. And she loves her global travels.

And yet Greta wears manmade fibers, drives a car sailed across the Atlantic on a boat not made of wood, flies across the globe for her grift and lectures world leaders who are promoting her climate change agenda while simultaneously sucking up to them.

In January, Thunberg joined Bloomberg on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum and began attacking those assisting her in promoting her climate change agenda.

“Basically, the people who are mostly fueling the destruction of the planet, the people who are at the very core of the climate crisis, the people who are investing in fossil fuels, etc. And yet somehow, these are the people that we seem to rely on solving our problems where they have proven time and time again that they are not prioritizing,” Thunberg said.

Wait, what? Did we hear it right?

Greta continued by saying these elites attending the WEF summit in Davos are prioritizing “self-greed, corporate greed, and short-term economic profits.”

“They are prioritizing self-greed, corporate greed, and short-term economic profits above people and above planet. Right now, the changes that we need are not very likely to come from the inside. Rather, I believe they will come from the bottom up, so to speak,” she said.

Because without public pressure, without massive public pressure from the outside, at least in my experience and these people are going to go as far as they possibly can as long as they can get away with it. They will continue to invest in fossil fuels. They will continue to throw people under the bus for their own gain,” she continued.