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U.S. Threatens Consequences Unless Israel Addresses Gaza Crisis

In a notable development underscoring growing tensions, President Joe Biden conveyed a strong message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday regarding the...

Biden’s Doctor Deems Cognitive Test Unnecessary, White House Affirms

President Biden will not undergo a cognitive test as part of his upcoming physical exam, the White House confirmed Monday. According to White House press...

Study Claims ‘Climate Change’ Negatively Affects Mental Health

A Harvard study published in the journal Nature claims that "climate change" negatively affects mental health.

Biden Temporarily Pauses Exports on Natural Gas

The Biden administration announced that it is temporarily pausing decisions for pending and future applications for the exportation of liquified natural gas (LNG).

WEF Members Suggests Farming Be Considered a ‘Serious Crime’

World Economic Forum (WEF) speaker Jojo Mehta, the founder of Stop Ecocide Now, said farming, as a part of ecocide, should be considered a "serious crime."

WEF Claims ‘Misinformation’ Greatest Global Threat

The World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed a list of "global threats" for 2024.

Elites Flying Private Jet to Global Warming Summit Stranded on Frozen Runway

World leaders and elites flying to a global warming summit from Germany to Dubai were stranded on a frozen runway.

Gavin Newsom Admits He Cleaned Up San Francisco for China’s Xi Jinping

California Governor Gavin Newsom admitted to the cleanup and rehoming of San Francisco’s homeless population ahead of communist dictator Xi Jinping's visit.

China Developing Weapons That ‘Attack,’ ‘Control’ Human Brains

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has "established themselves as world leaders in the development of NeuroStrike weapons."

European Central Bank President Blames ‘Climate Change’ for Inflation

Climate change narrative, proven wrong for decades, now being used to force globalist financial policy.

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