Woke Ideology

ChatGPT Found to Have Glaring Left-Wing Bias

Fourteen out of 15 political orientation tests show AI promotes woke ideology.

Exclusive Interview: A Frontline Perspective on the Battle Against Human Trafficking

American Faith interviews former South Carolina congressional candidate Lynz Piper-Loomis regarding her involvement in the fight against human trafficking.

Record Number of New Yorkers Fled to Florida in 2022

Blue New York lost tens of thousands of residents to Florida in 2022, reaching historic figures, according to data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Most Americans Say Christianity Should Not Have to Compromise Beliefs to Align With Woke Ideology

Results from a Summit Ministries/McLaughlin and Associates survey suggests 68% of Americans believe Christians should not be obligated to compromise their beliefs within woke culture.

UK Church Alters Christmas Carol Lyrics: ‘God Rest You, Queer and Questioning’

A UK Church, All Saints with Holy Trinity in Loughborough, has changed "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" to fit woke ideology, now removing references to Jesus Christ and Satan.

American Girl Book Goes Woke, Claims Doctors ‘Assign’ Sex at Birth, Pushes Puberty Blockers for ‘Trans or Nonbinary’ Minors

Another company considered part of traditional and wholesome Americana may have fallen prey to woke ideology. American Girl, which has sold millions of books and dolls to American girls for nearly 40 years, has now released a book that teaches girls that they may not, in fact, be girls after all.

Parental-Rights Candidates Win Across Country in Midterms

Sweeping parental-rights victories in the midterms suggest parents want control of their children’s education,\.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Re-Elected in Landslide Victory

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis won re-election on Tuesday night after soundly defeating Democratic challenger Charlie Crist.

Globalist World Economic Forum Tells Corporations to ‘Resist’ ‘Especially White Men’ Who Push Back Against Woke Dogma

Globalist WEF is annoyed that business leaders have to deal with "questions about how to handle employees, especially white men" who are critical of so-called 'diversity, equity, and inclusion' (DEI).

Christian Nurse Who Was Taught Critical Race Theory in UK Sues NHS for ‘Forcing Racist Ideology’ on Students

A Christian nurse in the United Kingdom is suing a health clinic in North London, claiming the National Health Service-affiliated organization is "forcing racist...

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