Vote Against Christians Because ‘Lives Depend On It’: Atheist Revolution

The blog Atheist Revolution is urging fellow atheists to vote against Christians because their “lives depend on it.”

A message posted on January 1 said that atheists and “other non-Christians should have among the highest voter turnout of all. Why? Because of how much we stand to lose when Christian extremists gain power. We should vote like our lives depend on it because they do.”

The group said Christian extremists, like controversial right-wing commentator Nick Fuentes, want the “death penalty for non-Christians.”

“This isn’t a secret,” the post continues. “We ignore the threat at our own peril. We should keep it in mind when we aren’t excited about any of our local, state, and federal candidates. If we need a reason to go to the polls, this could be it.”

“This isn’t about upholding abstract principles or doing the right thing. It is about our survival,” the group adds. “If we want to have a future, we need to expand our efforts to oppose Christian extremism.”

American Faith previously reported that the majority of Christians believe they should not compromise their traditional values for the woke ideology.

Specifically, those adhering to the Christian faith should not “compromise their traditions and beliefs to align with liberal ideology around topics like marriage, transgenderism, and critical race theory.”

Thirty-two percent of survey participants, however, said Christians should compromise.