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Tucker Carlson Says Critical Race Theory Is Anti-White Racism, Not Just Generic ‘Racism’

Carlson cuts to the truth many self-avowed "anti-CRT" activists have been trying to obscure.

They’ve Done This Before: Five Past Cases of FBI Incitement

Last week, Revolver highlighted the disturbing number of key figures in the January 6 Capitol incident who have gone unnamed and unindicted even as the number of criminal cases federal officials have brought spirals into the hundreds. Read it here if you’ve been living under a rock.

Tucker Carlson Slams FBI Over 1/6 Involvement For Second Night In A Row, Thanks Twitter For Proving His Point

"Those events apparently were, at least in part, organized and carried out in secret by people connected to federal law enforcement."

Tucker Carlson: Wall Street Buying Up Homes Nationwide To Create Serf Class of Renters

Nationwide home-purchasing scheme by elite part of the Great Reset motto -- "you'll own nothing and be happy."

100 Times More Vaccine Injuries Occur Than Are Reported: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

If 3,362 is only 1% of the total number of deaths caused by COVID vaccines, then the total number of vaccine-caused deaths between December 2020 and April 2021 is 336,200.

Tucker Carlson Tonight ​5/24/21


Tucker Carlson Torches Biden’s Mask ‘Ultimatum’

President Joe Biden's declaration Thursday that the unvaccinated would have to continue wearing masks didn't sit well with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who made it abundantly clear that such an "ultimatum" was not "within his powers to demand."

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