Tucker Carlson Biographer Shares Why Host Left Fox News

Originally published May 23, 2023 6:00 pm PDT

Tucker Carlson’s biographer, Chadwick Moore, shared why the former Fox News host was booted from the network last month.

  • Chadwick Moore, the author of an upcoming biography on Tucker Carlson, has come forward with what he knows about the TV host’s exit from Fox News. 
  • According to Moore, Carlson was let go from the network as a condition of the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.
  • Moore appeared on Nexsmax with “The Balance” host Eric Bolling, claiming that Fox also desperately didn’t want owner Rupert Murdoch to testify in court.
  • “Although Fox felt that they would win the trial with Dominion, they didn’t want Rupert Murdoch to testify. This is what I’m told,” Moore told Bolling. “And as a condition with the settlement, hours before they were supposed to go to trial, they reached this agreement to pull him off the air.”
  • Although Moore said Dominion has “denied” the allegations, he claims his sources at Fox “are sure it is the reason.”
  • The author said that whoever wanted Tucker off-air wanted him to stay silent until after the next election. 
  • “I was working closely with Tucker when he was taken off the air by Fox. And as some of you know, I was also a regular on his show. And I happened to be a guest on the final episode of the show, which was on April 21st,” Moore continued.
  • “I’ve also seen the monologue that Tucker planned to deliver on Monday, April 24th, before his show was abruptly taken off the air. That monologue dealt with, among other things, investigations around January 6th, and particularly Ray Epps, the only person captured on video inciting people to violence at the Capitol that day, and allegedly an FBI informant who still has not been arrested or charged.”

“It is now been reported that his firing was a condition demanded by Dominion as part of the settlement with Fox. Although Dominion has denied this, my sources have intimate knowledge of the situation and they have assured me, even before this news leaked, that that is, in fact, the truth,” Moore said.

  • Last week, Fox News producer Sean Langille claimed Carlson was let go as part of the lawsuit settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, an undercover journalist with James O’Keefe’s new media group has discovered.
  • “They gave them [Dominion] money. They say it wasn’t part of it. But we’re learning that Tucker getting fired was part of that,” Langille said.
  • When the reporter asked, “Did Tucker leave, or did you guys part ways, or Tucker was ousted?” Langille claimed he was “ousted” after costing the network “a lot of money.”
  • “Yeah, he was ousted. Well, he brought up things that cost the company a lot of money. That that was part of it. He was going to go after this whole thing about January 6 was… It was an inside job,” Langille continued.