Stop Telling Kids Climate Change Will Destroy the World

Earlier this week Vox founder Ezra Klein wrote a piece titled “Your Kids Are Not Doomed” for the NY Times.

Anonymous Donor Steps Forward to Ensure Uvalde Families Won’t ‘Have to Worry About a Single Cost’

At a press conference Wednesday in the aftermath of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott almost said something profound. Almost.

School Shootings Aren’t Caused by Faulty Gun Laws but by the Collapse of the Family

Until we are willing to address the breakdown of family and community, nothing will change, the massacres will continue.

Target Launches Pro-Trans Kids Clothing 

The line includes "chest binders" and "packing underwear.

LA High School’s Website Offers Information on Abortion Resources

Los Angeles high school's website features information on abortion resources to teenagers, even noting that they can undergo the procedure without parental permission, Breitbart reported on Friday.

Top Trans Psychologist Worried About Trend of Transitioning

A leading psychologist in the world of transgender care is now saying things have gone too far.

Smugglers Hire Teens to Drive Illegal Immigrants Across Border: Report

Human smugglers reportedly now looking to teens to do their dirty work of making the trip across the border with illegal migrants.

Liberals Lash Out at WaPo Over ‘Infuriating’ Opinion Piece by Man Who Regretted Transitioning at 19 Years Old

Transgender activists and their allies lashed out at the Washington Post on Monday after they published an opinion piece by a transgender woman who said her transition was harmful and unnecessary.

Exc: Hunter Biden Firm Invested in vr ‘Metaverse’ Used by Child Sex Groomers… and His Laptop Shows He Had an Account.


Numerous Health Problems More Likely Because of COVID-19 Vaccines Than Coincidence: VAERS Data Analysis

Various health problems reported by people after receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccine shots are more likely to have been caused by the vaccines than to be coincidental, according to an analysis of data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

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