Hamas Releases 13 Israeli Hostages

Hamas terrorists released 13 Israeli hostages and a number of Thai hostages.

Police Arrest 8 Teenagers Over Deadly Beating of White High School Student in Vegas

Vegas police have arrested 8 teenagers over the beating and death of white high school student Jonathan Lewis.

Teens Yell ‘Death to Jews’ at Florida Synagogue

Police have launched an investigation after a group of teens on bicycles cried out "death to Jews" to people leaving a synagogue.

Washington D.C. Not Punishing Youth Crime: ‘Kids Are Kids’

Juvenile offenders cannot be incarcerated beyond their 21st birthday.

New Study Finds Half of Children Not Living With Both Parents By Age 14

A new study from the Marriage Foundation found that nearly half of children over the age of 14 in Britain are no longer living with both of their parents.

Plans Underway to Convert Historic London Building Into Mosque

The building has served a number of different purposes since its 1896 opening.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Teenagers Are Targets of ‘Sextortion’ Crimes: New Study

65% of teenagers around the world have been victims of "sextortion" schemes.

Latino Voters Shifting Away from Democrats

Although the Democratic Party still retains majority support, there's a noticeable drift away from the party.

Study Finds Women Who Take Birth Control as Teens Likely to Have Greater Depression

A U.K. study published by Cambridge University Press found that women who started taking birth control pills as teenagers have a 130% higher rate of showing depression symptoms than those who never took the pill.

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