Secret Service Agent Protects Stairs on Air Force One So Biden Won’t Fall

A Secret Service agent reportedly stands at the bottom of the stairs of Air Force one to ensure that President Biden would not fall entering the aircraft.

Video Reveals 11-Year-Old Escape Kidnapping Attempt Walking To School

A 37-year-old man was arrested in Glendale, Arizona after surveillance video showed him attempting to kidnap an 11-year-old girl as she was walking to school.

“Until We Meet Again” & James T. Fields’ The Atlantic Monthly, “The Captain’s Daughter”; “I know Who holds the future and I know Who...

In 1788, poet Robert Burns published an ancient Scottish folk song "Auld Lang Syne," meaning "in days of old gone by." A similar poem was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in...

Jan. 6 Protester Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Deploying Pepper Spray, Removing Ankle Monitor

The Department of Justice (DOJ) sentenced a Florida man to 10 years in prison after he deployed pepper spray on police officers at the U.S. Capitol.

Biden Believes Climate Change Is ‘Only Existential Threat to Humanity’

As the war between Hamas and Israel continues, leading some to fear World War III, Biden delivered a speech at the Tioga Marine Terminal where he discussed climate change.

Joe Biden Trips, Falls on Stage During Air Force Academy Event (Watch)

Originally published June 1, 2023 2:01 pm PDT President Joe Biden on Thursday stumbled and fell on stage following his address and the presentation of...

Leaked Jan 6 Video Shows Undercover Police Encouraging Protestors to Climb U.S. Capitol Scaffolding: ‘Go, Go, Go! Help Them Up!’

The video provides evidence that undercover law enforcement were involved on Jan 6.

New Leaked Jan. 6 Footage Shows DC Metro Cop Encouraging People to ‘Go Towards The Capitol’

Newly leaked footage from January 6th shows undercover DC Metropolitan Police officers pushing protesters to move towards the US Capitol and helping them climb the scaffolding outside the Capitol building. 

Biden Stumbles Again on Air Force One Steps

President Joe Biden stumbled while climbing the stairs of Air Force One, renewing concerns about his physical health and cognitive abilities.

Grateful to Be Alive, Christians Gather for Worship in Fort Myers After Surviving Hurricane Ian

Four days after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a powerful Category 4 storm, wreaking billions of dollars in damage and leaving at least 80 people dead, members of the Southwest Baptist Church in Fort Myers gathered at their battered sanctuary on Sunday to thank God for sparing their lives.

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