Murders Already Soaring In Major U.S. Cities This Year

Spates of deadly violence impacted several U.S. cities to start 2023, outpacing the same period in 2022.

Democratic Lawmakers Furious Over Bolsonaro’s Admittance to U.S. Hospital

Former right-wing Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has been admitted to a hospital in Orlando, Florida, due to "abdominal pain."

Suspect Arrested in Idaho University Student Murders

A 25-year-old college student arrested in Scranton, PA in connection with the Nov 13 murders of four University of Idaho students.

PA Senate Hopeful Fetterman Struggles to Understand Unscripted Conversations

NBC correspondent says candidate couldn't keep up with off-screen small talk.

Seven Days of Mayhem: Random Killings Expose Lethality of Democrat Crime Policies

A college dad shot by two homeless men high on drugs and long sought by police.

Fetterman Was ‘Happy’ to Release Murderer Who Stabbed Man 26 Times With Garden Shears

As much of the political punditry on the right continues to focus on Pennsylvania Democrat Senate hopeful John Fetterman‘s post-stroke mental competency, a deeper dive into his past reveals a man whose views on compassion and the criminal justice system fall far outside those of mainstream America.

Fetterman Voted to Free Murderer Who Hacked Innocent Man to Death With Garden Shears

Charles "Zeke" Goldblum was sentenced to life in prison for killing a man with garden shears in a parking garage in downtown Pittsburgh and later trying to hire a hitman to kill his accomplice in the brutal murder.

Democrat Official Arrested After Investigative Journalist Who Accused Him of Corruption Found Dead

A Democrat official in Clark County, Nevada was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murdering a journalist reportedly exposing his corruption.

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